Everything you must know about how to play the Need For Speed Heat Early Access before November 8th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Need For Speed Heat comes out on November 8th, but players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC can all enjoy an Early Access trial three days prior without committing to a purchase. This is a great opportunity to see whether the game is for you without having to just rely on impending reviews and footage of the opening 30-minutes.

The review embargo for Need For Speed Heat is said to lift on release day, and you can check out everything you need to know about its story and characters by clicking here.

But, if you’d rather play the Early Access to experience the game prematurely without buying, then simply keep reading to discover how.

Need For Speed Heat pre-orders

Need For Speed Heat releases on November 8th at 00:00 ET, and you can pre-order it now if you’re a huge fan of the series.

The Need For Speed Heat Standard Edition costs $59.99 ($53.99 with an EA Access subscription) and pre-ordering it will unlock the following bonuses:

  • Need For Speed Heat Static Theme

  • K.S Edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X as a starter car

Meanwhile, the Need For Speed Heat Deluxe Edition costs $69.99 ($62.99 with an EA Access subscription). It comes with the same static theme and K.S starter car, plus the below extras:

  • 3 additional K.S Edition cars unlocked through progression

  • 4 exclusive character outfits

  • REP and BANK boost

How to play Need For Speed Heat Early Access on PS4 and Xbox One

To enjoy Need For Speed Heat on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One early without committing to a purchase, you must be an EA Access subscriber on either console.

An EA Access subscription is $4.99 a month or $29.99 for a full year. It comes with the benefit of allowing you to trial new games for up to ten hours before they release, as well as offers 10% discounts when purchasing games.

The Need For Speed Heat trial is available on Tuesday, November 5th per EA themselves. There’s no official release time, though.

Also, the trial only lasts up to ten hours. However, if you plan to play on PC, there is another option.

How to play Need For Speed Heat Early Access on PC

Rather than EA Access, the ability to play Need For Speed Heat early on PC comes via EA Origin.

Again the trial is scheduled to start on November 5th with no release times posted. If you have an EA Origin Access Basic subscription at £3.99 a month or £19.99 per year, then you can enjoy the same luxuries as EA Access subscribers by playing Need For Speed Heat for up to ten hours.

However, a Premier subscription at £14.99 a month or £89.99 every year will give you access to the full game.

You can check out the differences between a Basic and Premier Origin Access subscription by clicking here.