Arguably, 2019 has been one of the best years for TV in recent memory.

There are many monumental names in sci-fi…

When talking about the greats, you often hear the likes of George Lucas (Star Wars), Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) and Stanley Kubrick (2001: A Space Odyssey) mentioned, but it’s not just cinema which has perfected the genre. 

We’ve seen so many exciting and iconic shows over the decades which have presented us with lands beyond our own. The one which instantly springs to mind is Star Trek, and actually, Ronald D. Moore worked on it, as well as Battlestar Galactica

So, it goes without saying that For All Mankind has a high degree of pedigree already. Ronald created the series with Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi; it premiered on Friday, November 1st 2019 on Apple TV+.

For All Mankind on Apple TV+: How many episodes?

Presenting us with an alternate reality in which the space race never ended, there have been numerous narrative avenues to explore so far. 

The first three episodes premiered on Friday, November 1st, but subsequent episodes will arrive on the platform weekly. 

With ten episodes in total, the concluding chapter – titled ‘A City Upon A Hill’ – is set to land on Friday, December 20th 2019. So, with that in mind, For All Mankind remains a space of vast opportunity. Who knows how it will progress over the remaining episodes. 

Once the season reaches an end, can we expect a second to take-off? 

For All Mankind: Season 2


For All Mankind will return to screens for a second season, as noted by Deadline

Interestingly, production on the forthcoming season was announced and actually kickstarted ahead of the first season’s premiere. They must be pretty confident with this one!

We can now expect the tenth episode to leave things open-ended, facilitating more story; considering production is already underway, we predict a release date for around November 2020. We’ll just have to wait and see…


For All Mankind: What do audiences think so far? 

Viewers have already taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts. 

One tweeted: “Watched the first episode of @forallmankind_ and was so enthralled. The show does an amazing job of letting you learn the story rather then telling it and keeps your mouth dropped from beginning to end. Excited to see where @AppleTV takes it.”

Another weighed in: “It’s either coincidence or #AppleTVPlus shows are just really really awesome and show a lot of attention to detail. Very impressed so far. #ForAllMankind.”

One impressed fan also wrote: “I’m incredibly impressed with the initial set of TV+ episodes. The Morning Show, For All Mankind and See are all fantastic — both technically & artistically. Excited to watch more! If Apple is aiming to become ‘The New HBO’, then they’re definitely on the right track.”

Not bad at all!

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