Where was the Asda Christmas advert filmed? North West town hosts festive cheer!

ASDA Christmas Advert Logo

Asda's Christmas advert is here but where is the charming commercial filmed?

Whether you're already excited for Christmas or you're dreading the commercialised cheer that arrives at this time of year, the festive season is here.

That means more and more shops will start filling their shelves with decorations and TV screens will soon become awash with Christmas adverts. 

The supermarket chain Asda have already released their 2019 Christmas advert but it is the filming location used in the ad that has confounded some.

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Where is the advert filmed?

Asda's 2019 Christmas ad was filmed in the North West town of Tyldesley in Greater Manchester.

It's quite an unlikely location for the advert as, on the surface of things, Tyldesley is just a typical northern town.

However, when given a touch of Asda's Christmas glitz, it looks like a far more stunning location than it actually is, sorry Tyldesley but those northern lights aren't fooling anyone.

ASDA Christmas Advert Tyldesley

Why was it filmed in Tyldesley?

According to the Manchester Evening News, ASDA elected to film the advert in Tyldesley because in 2018, residents of the town had complained about the town's Christmas tree which was described by many as 'the worst in the country.'

ASDA clearly decided that 2019 should be a much more cheerful occasion and not only filmed their 2019 advert there but will be donating a slew of decorations to jazz up Tyldesley's much-discussed Christmas tree. 

Filming for the advert specifically took place on School Street in Tyldesley which is instantly recognisable for the sloping street and stepped buildings.

Tyldesley School Street

More about Tyldesley

Tyldesley is part of the metropolitan borough of Wigan which is situated in Greater Manchester.

As of 2011, Tyldesley had a population of just 16,142.

Throughout its past, Tyldesley was best known as a mill town which specialised in the textiles industry. 

However, what makes ASDA's Christmas advert rather odd is that there isn't even an ASDA in Tyldesley. The nearest ASDA store is, in fact, in Atherton, the next town over. 

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