The Liverpool legend has had his say on the club’s fixture problems.

Former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish would prefer his old club to pull out of the Club World Cup than the League Cup, if a decision has to eventually be made between the two, writing in his Sunday Post column (03/11 print edition, Post Match supplement page 9).

After the Reds’ dramatic penalty shoot-out victory over Arsenal last Wednesday, Jurgen Klopp’s side are due to play Aston Villa in the quarter-finals of the League Cup.

However, the fixture collides with a Club World Cup fixture in the same week. Discussions are ongoing with the Football League about solutions that would allow Liverpool to play in both competitions.

Jurgen Klopp though has warned they could end up pulling out of the domestic cup competition (BBC).

For Dalglish, the international tournament is the more disposable for the two and thinks that’s the one that Liverpool should be looking to snub.

As quoted by The Sunday Post (03/11 print edition, Post Match supplement page 9), he said: “It’s far from ideal and it almost feels as if the club is being penalised for being successful.

“Nobody wants to pull out of any competition. But if I had a choice, I’d miss out on the FIFA tournament.

“There are competitions at club and international level springing up all the time. Are the various footballing authorities paying enough respect to footballers by asking them to play pretty much 12 months a year?”

Ultimately it feels likely that the authorities will find some sort of solution to the situation.

Nobody wants to see one of the best teams in England right now either pull out of one of the main tournaments in the country or not have the chance to represent themselves and Europe in the big FIFA tournament.

How it plays out will be fascinating to watch. Klopp has made his feelings clear, how will others work around that?

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