Where is Byzantium in The Outer Worlds? Here's how to get there!

The Outer Worlds Where Is Byzantium Here's How To Get There

Everything you must know about where Byzantium is in The Outer Worlds and how to get there.

The Outer Worlds has been out since October 25th and it has received a lot of praise for being the best Fallout game since New Vegas and a superior alternative to Fallout 76. One of the most appealing aspects of Obsidian's newest RPG is its numerous planets, of which you can discover where the elusive Byzantium is and how to get there by continuing to read this guide.

Unlike Fallout and Skyrim, The Outer Worlds hasn't made an effort to be the largest RPG in existence. You can say it's open-world to a degree, but its design is built more around depth rather than sheer size; something that should be encouraged for more open-world games going forward.

You'll be able to visit the game's assortment of hospitable planets once you take hold of the Unreliable and progress through the narrative, but Byzantium is a location you can step foot on sooner rather than later.

Where is Byzantium in The Outer Worlds?

Byzantium is one of many locations in The Outer Worlds and it is referred to as "The Glided City of Well-to-Do."

Unlike most other locations in the game, Byzantium is a destination you'll see in many quests without any clear guidance on how to get there.

The waypoints in The Outer Worlds are - for the most part - clear and blatant, but Byzantium is a shy area that would rather not be disturbed by riffraff.

In laymen terms, this means that the location of and the means to get there are locked behind specific character encounters and dialogue choices - at least early in the game.

Essentially, Byzantium is the Capital City of Terra 2 that allows you to visit many of its elite locations such as its Estates, Symposium and Odeon Pictures.

You won't find it on your navigation map until you speak to Udom Bedford and become a snitch.

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How to get to Byzantium in The Outer Worlds

You cannot venture to Byzantium once you take on the mantle of Captain Alex Hawthorne of the Unreliable. Like most other places in the game, you must first make a pit stop at Groundbreaker as recommend by Phineas Wells.

On Groundbreaker - a location which feels very similar to the Citadel from Mass Effect - you'll want to visit Udom Bedford in the Halcyon Offices. However, before doing that, we recommend you explore and visit places such as the Medical Bay first.

Visiting the Medical Bay will allow you to come across Ellie, which in turn unlocks a companion quest that also requires meeting Mr. Bedford to complete.

But, back to the crux of this article, you unlock the ability to venture to Byzantium earlier in the game by speaking to Bedford and becoming a snitch.

When speaking to Mr. Bedford (the name of my history teacher back in high-school), you'll want to tell him that you know where to find Phineas Wells.

Explain that you're dobbing him in because you want to collect the bounty on his head, and eventually you'll be given the Balance Due quest. This objective requires you to speak to Gladys to attain Udom's board seal.

Head over to the Rest N Go when you have 8,000 bits because this is the amount of in-game currency you will need to purchase the seal. Provided you do just that, you must then simply return to Udom for him to bestow upon you the Navkey for Byzantium.

This unlocks Byzantium on your navigation map so you can venture there whenever you want.

The Outer Worlds is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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