John Krasinski is back as Jack Ryan in season 2 of Amazon’s hit spy thriller but how many episodes are in the second season?

After 2018’s impressive debut for Amazon Prime’s John Krasinski-starring Jack Ryan, the intriguing and modern take on the spy thriller is back for a hotly anticipated second season.

This time around, we join Jack and spy colleague James Greer as they embark on a new adventure to deal with a dangerous new threat in the turbulent South American country of Venezuela. 

The season promises to offer up plenty of dramatic twists, turns and action as Jack Ryan continues his evolution from a dull and dreary desk-bound data analyst into a mean, moody and magnificent super spy. 

But just how many episodes are there going to be in season 2 of Amazon’s Jack Ryan?

Jack Ryan is back for season 2

John Krasinksi is back as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, a former data analyst-turned all-action spy. 

While the first season focused on a Middle-Eastern terrorist threat, taking inspiration from real-world events in the likes of Syria, season 2 takes Jack Ryan into the heart of South America as the country of Venezuela plays host to a chaotic story of its own. 

How many episodes are in season 2?

Just like Jack Ryan’s first season, the second outing for John Krasinski will feature eight episodes and will no doubt pack plenty of dramatic twists and turns along the way. 

All eight episodes of the new season were released simultaneously on October 31st, 2019 despite trailers suggesting a November 1st release. 

The show goes on

Jack Ryan’s second season may only just have dropped on Amazon Prime Video but a third series has already been confirmed and will most likely be with us in a year’s time.

It’s clear that Amazon have a lot of faith in the Tom Clancy character and the series to give it a third season months before the second series had even hit our screens.

Exactly where Jack Ryan’s story goes from here, however, remains to be seen.

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