CoD Modern Warfare We Own The Night: How to get the Going Dark mission achievement

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare How To Get The We Own The Night Achievement

How to get the We Own The Night achievement during the Going Dark mission for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is a great game despite the ensuing controversy about its Highway of Death. Its politics have been criticised by certain outlets as a shame, but this probably won't affect those who just care about the multiplayer and attaining its platinum trophy. On the way to gathering 100% of its achievements you will need to attain the We Own The Night badge of honour during the Going Dark mission.

This is a fairly straightforward achievement to capture so the below guide will simply provide a basic overview of what the objective requires. We will also offer some obvious but helpful advice to make attaining the achievement easier.

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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: What is the We Own The Night achievement?

We Own The Night is one of many achievements/trophies in the 2019 rebirth of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.

It corresponds to the 13th mission in the game, Going Dark. To be as basic as possible, all it requires is that you kill all the enemies in the Church, Clocktower and Pool without an enemy calling for backup.

This of course means that you have to be as stealthy as humanly possible in order to attain the trophy.

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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: How to get the We Own The Night achivement

Now that you know what the We Own The Night achievement is, it's time to provide a few basic recommendations for attaining the badge of honour that supposedly says "I'm super good at stealth in this game."

An obvious piece of guidance is that attaining this achievement is much easier on the difficulty level Recruit. Experienced Call Of Duty players should be skilled enough to complete the objective on Regular, though.

This may seem straightforward as well, but another thing you'll want to do is turn subtitles on so that you can see when enemies are chit-chattering near you. You'll also want to turn up the volume so you can hear nearby enemies and sounds much clearer (just don't hurt your ears if you're wearing headphones).

Some less obvious advice is that you don't need to crouch the entire time and that you'll want to avoid interrogating the hostages so there are fewer enemies. Only talk to them after you've attained the trophy/achievement.

Also keep an eye out for the flashlights of enemies and you should be fine. Attaining this trophy is all about listening and being patient.

You can check out a visual guidance below from YouTuber PowerPyx.

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