The actor delivers a stunning central performance in this latest Netflix drama.

A new film by Kenny Leon?

We’ll take it! Netflix is renowned for delivering audiences the latest and greatest in the realm of TV, but you’ll often find people arguing that their film output isn’t quite up to the same standard. 

It’s actually hard to disagree with, but that being said, they’ve delivered some stellar stuff over the years, with the likes of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie standing out more recently; our highlights would include Okja, The Other Side of the Wind, The Night Comes for Us, The Meyerowitz Stories, The Fundamentals of Caring and I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

The latest to attract attention is American Son, which landed on the streaming service on Friday, November 1st 2019. Its director – the aforementioned Kenny Leon – is known for such efforts as 2002’s Nowhere Road, the 2008 TV movie A Raisin in the Sun, Hairspray Live! and episodes of TV series Dynasty.   

American Son on Netflix

His latest is an American drama film which is actually based on a Broadway production of the same name. 

It centres upon the heartbreaking account of two parents who are called in by officials to help them investigate the disappearance of their teenage son. 

The performances are stellar, with Kerry Washington (Django Unchained) and Steven Pasquale standing out in particular as the estranged couple at the narrative’s core. Although the film is being seen by the majority on Netflix, it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival beforehand in September. 

It received some rather negative reviews, which have fed into its underwhelming Metascore of 33 out of 100. Much of the criticism stems from its theatricality contrasting with the medium, but the central performances are undoubtedly powerful. So, where have we seen Steven before?

Steven Pasquale: Movies & TV

He’s been on our screens just shy of two decades!

According to IMDb, his first role came on the hit HBO show Six Feet Under (he played Kurt for two episodes). Two years later, he scored a role in a show called Platinum (David Ross). 

He continued to land more TV work over the years, including the likes of Marry Me (Luke Maynard), Up All Night (Luke Granby), Coma (Mark Bellows), Do No Harm (Dr. Jason Cole), American Crime Story (Detective Mark Fuhrman), Bloodline (Alec Wolos), Doubt (Billy Brennan) and Divorce (Andrew).  

However, his two most notable roles came on the series The Good Wife (Johnny Elfman) and Rescue Me (he reprised the role of Sean Garrity for a whopping 93 episodes. 

As for films, he has starred in The Last Run (Jack Manning), Aurora Borealis (Jacob Shorter) and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (Dallas). 

Steven Pasquale and Kerry Washington attend the Broadway Loyalty Program Audience Rewards 10th Anniversary celebration at Sony Hall on September 24, 2018 in New York City.

Follow him on Instagram!

Be sure to head over to his Instagram and give him a follow. 

It’s a good way to keep up to date with his work; you can find him at @stevepasquale. The 42-year-old American actor has 23.2k followers, and in a recent post, he announced his upcoming part in the forthcoming TV series Assassins, which is set to arrive Spring 2020. 

He’s also locked in for the role of Peter Strzok in the TV mini-series A Higher Loyalty. We look forward to them both!

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