Everything you must know about how to unlock Gooigi in Luigi’s Mansion 3 to start enjoying the game’s two-player co-op.

It’s officially Halloween and aside from miscreants knocking on your door in fiendish costumes begging for candy, the arrival of Satan’s minions on Earth also means that Luigi’s Mansion 3 has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch. Two-player co-op is a feature and below you’ll find a guide for how to unlock Gooigi to be able to enjoy the ability to play with a mate.

Although you wouldn’t expect any less from a Nintendo exclusive, Luigi’s Mansion 3 has received better than good reviews for being hilarious as well as captivating, along with being “truly spook-tacular.”

You can check out a guide from Screen Rant for where to find the secret boos, otherwise keep reading to discover how to unlock Gooigi to be able to play co-op.

What is co-op in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Co-op in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is two-player and it can only be enjoyed locally.

If you’re looking for online multiplayer you must instead head to the Scarescraper mode. This unique feature sees players climb up ten hotel floors while completing challenges.

How to unlock Gooigi in Luigi’s Mansion 3 to enjoy co-op

Before you can enjoy two-player co-op in Luigi’s Mansion 3 you must first unlock Gooigi. This means that you have to brave some of the hotel on your lonesome before being able to hold a hand’s mate.

To unlock Gooigi you must complete the set of objectives which culminate with you retrieving E.Gadd’s briefcase and returning it to his lab in the Underground Garage.

Finding E.Gadd’s briefcase requires taking the elevator to Floor 5 and entering room 508. Here you will find a very thorough with her dusting maid who steals and swallows the briefcase in an adorably cute fit of panic.

By proceeding through the quest to retrieve the briefcase you’ll find the Maid in room 507 and then 506 as she keeps scurrying away after you deal damage to her.

Eventually you’ll exorcise the fowl banshee and retrieve the briefcase by sucking her into your vacuum. Once you’ve done that you then take the briefcase back to E.Gadd in his laboratory.

Following a cut-scene with E.Gadd, the loony professor will lock you inside a cage to practice the Gooigi mechanic.

Simply do as he commands to see the full power of goo, meaning the ability to reach areas Luigi can’t because he’s a solid being with zero flexibility. However, much like the Gremlins, you don’t want to get Gooigi wet.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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