Documentaries are rarely received with such hostility as this one.

What is the purpose of a documentary?

To enlighten? Educate? Entertain? All of the above, but foremostly, they should generate and facilitate discussion. Often, documentaries on TV reflect what people are concerned about at the time, and in this sense, Who Are You Calling Fat? may have been a long time coming. 

In recent memory, the body positivity movement has become such a phenomenon that the way people look and perceive their own bodies has changed significantly, perhaps more so than ever. It’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, which is wonderful and very important. 

However, along with this positivity, there has been surrounding negativity from those who feel that glamorising unhealthy body types is potentially dangerous…


Who Are You Calling Fat?

In two episodes, Who Are You Calling Fat? on BBC Two has explored the perspectives of a number of individuals who can be considered overweight. 

As the series notes, over a quarter of British adults are now obese, and there has been much talk of how this has affected the NHS. This documentary aims to open up the floor to those living with this lifestyle and stigma. Nine people – who deem themselves “fat” – all move into a house and see how they feel being around people with similar bodies who harbour conflicting views.

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They discuss their thoughts on current views of obesity and body positivity, and it’s pretty intriguing to hear the different takes on it all. 

As you’d expect, audiences also have varying views on the documentary. 

Twitter reaction slams the show!

A number of the interviewees’ viewpoints have proven controversial on social media, with some viewers arguing that their thoughts could have a damaging effect on those looking for assurance.

One Twitter user wrote: “The woman with short hair on Who Are You Calling Fat, apart from being incredibly irritating, has dangerous views and is being given far too much air time.”

Similarly, another added: “Victoria from Who Are You Calling Fat on BBC 2 is one of the most dangerous people going. Vocalizing and spreading such dangerous and possibly life-threatening views,” with one tweeting: “I can’t watch anymore. Weight isn’t Victoria’s issue – her ignorance is.”


Audiences express concern

There are so many angry reactions to the show; any positive comments towards it have essentially been drowned out by the overwhelming concern it’s caused. 

One fan wrote: “Watching Who Are You Calling Fat and loving that @miri_kane is one of the guests. Her happiness and positive nature on the show is a joy to watch. Much respect to all who took part. #whoareyoucallingfat.”

So, while it has been praised, the negative comments certainly make up the majority. A viewer argued: “Watching Who Are You Calling Fat makes me so MAD because some of these people think being obese is not bad for you? The MONEY it costs the NHS? Are you kidding me!” Check out more comments below: 

– “Sorry, this Who Are You Calling Fat programme is doing my head in. How can you promote and glamorise obesity? Blonde lady is in denial.”

– “Who Are You Calling Fat on BBC2 is one of the most interesting/frustrating things I’ve watched in a long time.”

– “Victoria from Who Are You Calling Fat wants to visit schools to encourage obesity. Lunatic. Dangerous woman needs a shake.”

The controversy is unlikely to settle anytime soon. 

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