The PS Plus November 2019 free games have been announced as Nioh and Outlast 2.

Sony has officially announced the PS Plus November 2019 free games and PlayStation 4 fans will be happy to hear that Nioh has finally become a part of the service alongside Outlast 2.

The PlayStation Plus free offerings have been great as of late with The Last Of Us Remastered having recently followed Batman Arkham Knight and Darksiders 3.

And the games for November are continuing Sony’s hot streak.

PS Plus November 2019 free games

The PS Plus November 2019 free games are Nioh and Outlast 2.

People over on Reddit will be particularly thrilled to see Nioh as part of the free line-up as the Team Ninja title has been a part of their predictions ever since the dawn of time.

However, away from people scoring brownie points on social media, the best aspect about this offering is that it allows strangers to finally play one of the best games of the decade before Nioh 2 arrives next year.

As for Outlast 2, it’s an underappreciated horror game in our minds that you will definitely want to play following Halloween if you haven’t already sprinted and crawled through its spooky woods.

Outlast 2 wasn’t enjoyed by everyone thanks to a supposed lack of innovation coupled with cheap thrills and the infuriating inability to fight back, but we loved it and are awaiting the third instalment with great anticipation.

The PS Plus November 2019 free games will be available to download from November 5th until December 3rd. This means The Last Of Us Remastered and MLB: The Show 19 are only available to download until November 4th.

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