Everything you must know about which Mario Kart Tour drivers have Boomerangs and how to land ten hits.

There are new challenges for Mario Kart Tour starting today and one of them requires players to land ten hits with Boomerangs. Below you’ll find out which drivers have this special ability in order to complete the challenge nice and easily.

Mario Kart Tour has been downloaded by over 123 million people since its release late September and all these people were finally able to stop complaining about the absence of Luigi following the mobile game’s Halloween event in anticipation of Luigi’s Mansion 3. This Halloween Tour lasts until November 5th.

You can find out how to easily take out five traffic cones to complete one of the other Mario Kart Tour challenges by clicking the link below, otherwise keep reading to discover which drivers have Boomerangs as their special ability.

Which Mario Kart Tour drivers have Boomerangs?

There are only three Mario Kart Tour characters who have Boomerangs for their special ability as of writing:

  • Baby Luigi

  • Baby Mario

  • Larry

This means that the above are the only three characters you can use to complete the challenge, which makes accomplishing the quest much easier when using either of the below courses:

  • Mario Circuit 1T

  • DS Luigi’s Mansion R

  • Kalimari Desert R

Mario Kart Tour: How to land ten hits with Boomerangs

You’ll want to use Baby Mario on Mario Circuit 1T, Baby Luigi on DS Luigi’s Mansion R and Larry on Kalimari Desert R. The reason for these courses is that they allow the corresponding drivers to pick up three items at once from a single mystery box – this opens the window for the chance of attaining Frenzy with the Boomerang.

Landing ten hits in a single race isn’t required, so you needn’t threat about doing it all in one go. However, you’ll no doubt want to do it as quickly as possible, and this is achievable only through picking the above drivers and their special courses.

Once you’ve picked up a Boomerang you will want to be near or in the middle of an ensemble of drivers. This is because the special ability sees the Boomerang Flower “whirl around and around your kart to strike nearby opponents.”

Sticking as close to as many drivers as possible will – in laymen terms – increase your odds of hitting multiple enemies with one Boomerang.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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