How to easily take out five traffic cones in Mario Kart Tour to complete the game’s newest batch of challenges.

Mario Kart Tour continues to celebrate Halloween before its festivity ends on November 5th. The spooky tour has added Luigi in anticipation of Luigi’s Mansion 3 on October 31st, and Nintendo has today added a bunch of new challenges which include taking out five traffic cones.

Ever since being released on September 25th, Mario Kart Tour has been a massive hit for Nintendo as it has surpassed 123 million downloads in just over a month on iOS and Android. There’s still no multiplayer at the moment, but hopefully it’ll arrive soon.

Below you’ll find a straightforward guide for how to take out five traffic cones in Mario Kart Tour.

How to quickly take out five traffic cones in Mario Kart Tour

Although you are not required to complete this challenge in one outing, there is a way to take out five traffic cones quickly and easily in a single race for Mario Kart Tour.

Simply select Neo Bowser City R in the Roslina Cup.

You needn’t threat about which driver, kart or glider to use, but you’ll probably want to change the CC to 50 so the race is slower allowing you to focus on hitting the traffic cones.

Performing on 50 CC will also result in your competition being slower, less aggressive and less skilled, and this should allow you to easily propel into first place so you can be the one to knock over the traffic cones rather than some inconsiderate nitwit ahead of you.

Underneath a tunnel you should sight more than five traffic cones hugging the left side of the track. If you’re particularly skilled you should be able to take them all out in one single drift.

The below video isn’t a tutorial for the challenge, but it acts a visual guidance for the Neo Bowser City R course. You’ll spot the traffic cones at 0:56.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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