Apple TV+ is almost upon us and so too is a whole swathe of original content.

The world of online streaming is about to get a whole lot more competitive.

Not only do we have Disney+ releasing in just a couple of weeks but Apple are also muscling in on the streaming business with Apple TV+ which is set to launch on November 1st worldwide.

Apple are debuting their new service with a range of original content including shows such as Dickinson and For All Mankind as well as the apparent pick of the bunch, The Morning Show.

But just how can viewers based here in the UK watch this intriguing new Apple TV drama? 

What is The Morning Show about?

The Morning Show tells the story of a morning news TV show and the people involved in making it.

We follow a slew of TV anchors and journalists, whether washed up, firm favourites or aspiring newbies, as they fight to keep themselves and the show on air as the corporate big-wigs hover overhead like scavenging vultures. 

Who’s starring in The Morning Show?

Taking the lead role in The Morning Show is Jennifer Aniston who plays Alex Levy, the top anchor on the titular Morning Show.

Joining her as co-anchor is Steve Carrell as Mitch Kessler. However, their 15-year partnership on the air is quickly brought to an end as Mitch is fired amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

And coming up to steak Alex’s job from under her nose is Bradley Jackson played by Reese Witherspoon. The accomplished journalist is looking for a new and higher-paid line of work and will stop at nothing to get what she wants even if it means trying to depose her long-running predecessor. 

How to watch The Morning Show in the UK

The Morning Show will be exclusive to Apple’s entry into the online streaming service industry Apple TV+.

Viewers will be able to tune into the series via the Apple TV+ app which is set to go live on November 1st globally and will cost subscribers a relatively reasonable £4.99 per month with a seven-day free trial. Furthermore, for people who bought an Apple product from September 20th onwards will get a year’s subscription to Apple TV+ for free.

The Apple TV+ app will be available on all major Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) as well as the Apple TV boxes themselves. On top of that, the app is slated to become available on Amazon’s Fire TV sticks, online through search engines such as Google and Safari as well as a number of smart TVs.

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