Apple's new waffle emoji has fans complaining for the most bizarre reason

Apple Waffle Emoji

A new batch of adorable emojis have been cooked up by Apple but not everyone is happy.

As if Apple and their iPhone users didn't already have enough emoji to pick from, a whole new range of adorable emotes have been added in the latest iOS update and there are certainly some interesting choices among them.

Among the scores of new animals and gender-neutral character choices, there are some new additions to the food and drink section.

As well as a new 'apple' juice emoji, we've also been given a new waffle emoji which seems harmful enough but is actually sparking quite the debate and for one of the most bizarre reasons imaginable.

Apple Food Emoji

The new waffle emoji

While a range of gender-neutral emoji is a much-welcomed addition, the arrival of a waffle emoji doesn't necessarily seem like the most controversial of topics. 

It's just a waffle after all. Although this writer's stomach has just started rumbling.


Not all is quite right

A number of social media users have been quick to point out that of all the waffle emoji out there, ranging from Android, Twitter and even Google, Apple's new emoji is the only waffle not covered in a tantalising knob of melting butter.

Sure, they'll be a number of maniacal waffle purists out there who enjoy nothing better than a plain waffle but the tasty Belgian-born snack is undoubtedly best known for being covered with lashings of butter or maple syrup, particularly in Apple's United States homeland.

Waffle Emoji

What do fans make of the new waffle emoji?

Surprisingly, the new waffle emoji appears to be dividing opinion online. Of course, there are those who feel the lack of butter is a crime against food while others simply question the need for the new emoji at all.

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