A new batch of adorable emojis have been cooked up by Apple.

As if Apple and their iPhones didn’t already have enough emoji a whole swathe of new and adorable emotes have been added in the latest iOS update.

According to SF Gate, there are now a staggering 398 emoji on iPhones after the new iOS 13.2 update and among the new arrivals are some truly weird and wonderful additions.

As well as adding gender-neutral options to each of the character emoji, we also have a range of food-based emoji but the cream of the crop, without a doubt is the new sloth emoji making its way into the animals and nature section.

The new sloth emoji

On top of being a super cute furry fella, the new sloth emoji is already proving a huge hit with fans who feel that the sloth’s chilled branch-hanging energy is exactly what we need right now.

Sloths are almost universally loved for their constant sleepy state, something that teenage students and young adults can relate to on an almost spiritual level as well as their easy-going demeanour which any college/university student can only aspire to emulate.

Other eye-catching emoji from this new update

Sloths aren’t the only new emoji to pop up in this new update with waffles and the most adorable of otters also proving to be popular with iPhone users since the update dropped.

Other big plus-points have to be awarded to Apple for adding a new gender-neutral option to their character emoji as well.

What do fans think of the new sloth emoji?

We think it’s fairly safe to say that the new sloth emoji has gone down rather well.

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