The Kominsky Method: Is season 3 on the cards? Fans are ready!

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"This is the fourth funeral I've been to this month..."

"At our age, that's called having a social life."

Netflix, you're on a roll!

If we're talking 2019, there really have been so many great shows to arrive and return to the streaming service. For most, the highlight of the year so far came with Stranger Things season 3, and while it was absolutely brilliant, there was plenty more where that came from. 

Just recently, we've been delighted to see how well the likes of Daybreak and the new season of Big Mouth have been doing. Both boast plenty of laughs, but for fans of The Kominsky Method, the best truly was yet to come. 

Now, the best has arrived! Season 2 landed on Netflix on Friday, October 25th 2019, bringing back the excellent Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. 

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The Kominsky Method

The Kominsky Method on Netflix

This American comedy series was created by Chuck Lorre and first landed back in November 2018. 

Fans quickly praised its tale of an acting coach whose days of glory feel firmly behind him. Michael and Alan as the two leads received much of the attention, but audiences also highlighted the work of Sarah Baker, Nancy Travis and more as the series progressed.

Season 2 has already made more waves with fans than the first, perhaps because these are characters we simply couldn't wait to return to. It was great fun catching up with them, but can we expect them back anytime soon?

Any news on season 3? 

Currently, there is no news of The Kominsky Method's return for a third season. 

Nevertheless, considering the show's popularity and the tremendous episode that season 2 concluded on, it would be more than wise to predict that it will be renewed. 

It's hard to know when exactly new episodes could emerge, but there are ways to make an educated guess. ScreenRant argues that there is a chance it could reach us in October 2020; that's if the show is renewed in 2019 and the production schedule of previous seasons remains the same. 

A year turnaround from the previous season seems like a likely bet - we hope so!

Fans want it now!

Looked ahead and reflecting on the latest season, one Twitter user wrote: "The Kominsky Method: Michael Douglas just smashed it in season 2, such a great watch! Refreshing humour, the swearing is so funny! Hope it's not too long for season 3!"

Similarly, another fan tweeted: "@netflix Second season of the Kominsky Method was even better than the first! Ready for season 3!"

Regarding season 2, one wrote: "Season 2 of The Kominsky Method is out and damn I haven't laughed this hard in forever... Alan Arkin and Douglas are gems," with another saying: "Watching season 2 of The Kominsky Method. Great story and script as well as seeing aging former stars like Kathleen Turner, Jane Seymor and Paul Reiser as guests to Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin."

We'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for any updates. 

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