Fans have spotted a familiar face in Netflix’s The Kominsky Method.

We all love spotting a familiar face in a film or TV programme. Whether it’s a well-known actor or a celebrity cameo, the unexpected appearance of someone we know can offer that little something extra to what we’re watching.

Netflix clearly understands this and actors who appear in one of their shows often pop up in something else on the streaming service as well.

Take The Kominsky Method for example. The draw of Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin in the lead roles is already something that appeals to fans but once you add in the undeniably brilliant Paul Reiser, you’ve got a bonafide crowd-pleaser on your hands.

The Kominsky Method season 2

After a charmingly hilarious first season in 2018, it wasn’t long until The Kominsky Method would be back on our screens and on October 25th, 2019, that’s exactly what we got!

Returning to the cast are the main duo of Douglas and Arkin but this time they’re joined by a host of new faces to the show including a bond girl and non-other than Paul Reiser. 

Paul Reiser in The Kominsky Method

It’s safe to say that Paul Reiser’s appearance in The Kominsky Method as a new character for season 2, Martin, has gone down well with long-time fans of the actor.

What’s even better news for Paul Reiser devotees is the fact that he’s slated to appear in six of the season’s eight episodes.

Where might you recognise Paul Reiser from

At 63-years-of-age, it’s not surprising to note that Paul Reiser has had plenty of work in the acting industry, something that’s confirmed by IMDb which states that he’s had over 50 acting roles since making his first appearance on-screen in 1982’s Diner alongside Mickey Rourke and Kevin Bacon.

Since then, Reiser has gone onto appear in the likes of Aliens, Mad About You and even had his own TV show in 2011.

His most prestigious role in the past few years, however, goes to his three-season spell on the Netflix powerhouse series that is Stranger Things where he played the character Sam Owens.

Following his 2019 appearance in The Kominsky Method, Paul Reiser has upcoming roles in the films Fatherhood and The Problem with People and will also make a long-awaited return to the role of Paul Buchman in the rebooted Mad About You TV series.

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