Netflix, we love the cliffhanger, but can you roll out season 4 as soon as possible, please?

“What’s next for the Greenhouse?”

“…We get back to normal.” What is it that we love about TV? The characters, the settings, the conversations? Well, it’s all three of these and much more, really. 

There are so many great shows going strong right now which stand as perfect examples of television escapism. These are titles like Stranger Things and Watchmen, which plunge us into universes which appear familiar, but with all the added chaos of fiction thrown in. 

There are plenty of efforts we could highlight that have taken us out of our surroundings and kept us spellbound by new ones. We’re here, though, to focus on one of them!

Greenhouse Academy on Netflix

We want more already! 

Giora Chamizer and Paula Yoo’s teen drama series landed way back in September 2017 and audiences were immediately taken with its range of compelling characters. 

Viewers were swept up in the world of a brother (Alex) and sister (Hayley) who attend a prestigious boarding school in the wake of their mother’s death. They soon become aware of the dangers and secret dealings escalating around them; it blends thriller and crime elements really well. 

However, it really has come quite a long way since then, with season 3 – released on Friday, October 25th 2019 – standing out as the very best yet. 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of questions we’re still all contemplating…

Do Hayley and Leo end up together?

Season 3 truly got off to a great start, revealing that it was Daniel at Hayley’s door at the end of season 2. 

Things really heat up straight away when Leo and Daniel engage in a tense fight on a cliff. Throughout much of season 3, audiences took a significant dislike to Leo’s character, but things changed a little in the last episode. 

Hayley’s foot is firmly positioned on a planted bomb and she cannot move. After apologising to Leo as the pair cough as emotions rise, he replies: “Well that what makes me fall in love with you Woods.” After discussing the options, Leo escapes and the cave comes tumbling down. It’s suggested that neither may survive, as Leo’s veins appear to be consumed by the poison. 

We hear Leo say her name, and personally, season 4 could see them get together if they both survive, but thanks to a cliffhanger like that we’re totally stumped. There are chances that Leo can be helped and that Hayley can emerge from the wreckage critical but alive. Such an intimate moment may have rekindled the connection, encouraging them to give it a shot.

Only season 4 can offer us the definitive answer, but we have a sneaky feeling this has sparked the revival of a rather problematic romance.  

Here’s what fans are saying!

One passionate fan wrote: “Imagine shipping Hayley and L… imagine shipping Hayley and Le… I can’t even say it #greenhouseacademy.”

Another added, addressing the season: “How can Leo be annoyed at Hayley and Daniel when he literally LIED to Hayley their WHOLE relationship. Let her be HAPPY #GreenhouseAcademy.”

Similarly, someone else tweeted: “I can’t believe Leo has fans….dude lied to Hayley about being in a whole other relationship while being with her and then bullied her this season because he’s mad that she chose the better man (Daniel) stay mad #GreenhouseAcademy.”

So, if they do end up together, quite a few fans aren’t gonna be happy. Before then though, season 4 will have some serious explaining to do!

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