The Outer Worlds Long Tomorrow guide: Why you should pick Esther over Abernathy

The Outer Worlds Long Tomorrow Guide Why You Should Pick Esther Over Abernathy

Why you should pick Esther over Abernathy for The Long Tomorrow mission in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and it's also due for the Nintendo Switch sometime next year. Obsidian's newest game has been praised for replacing the Fallout void left behind by Bethesda, and this is thanks primarily to the weight of its choices and the moral ambiguity that engulfs them. One of these difficult choices comes at the beginning of your adventure in the form of the Long Tomorrow mission in which you must steal medicine for either Esther or Abernathy.

Although it's by no stretch of the imagination the biggest or prettiest RPG to look at, The Outer Worlds has six great companions (Parvati in particular rules) for you to recruit and it's an outstanding embodiment for why games should focus more on depth rather than sheer size.

Below you'll find a guide for the Long Tomorrow mission and why you should pick Esther over Abernathy.

The Outer Worlds Long Tomorrow mission

The Long Tomorrow side quest is one of the first you can pick up in The Outer Worlds. In order to pick up this quest you must first venture to Edgewater.

Rather than speaking to the particularly greasy and quite frankly repulsive Reed to acquire the Comes Now The Power mission, you must instead keep trespassing into peoples' homes until you come across an anxious fella named Martin Abernathy.

Once you engage in dialogue with this bloke, he'll chatter your ear off about how he's dying of what he believes is the plague. Ultimately you want to agree to steal/find the medicine for him, and when heading out the door you should be confronted by a suspicious lady named Esther.

She'll tell you how Abernathy might not actually be sick as he's instead an overly anxious bloke who just constantly fears becoming ill. She then goes on to say that you should capture the medicine for her so she can give it to the town like the good Samaritan she definitely appears to be with her skulking ways.

The Outer Worlds Long Tomorrow Abernathy

The Outer Worlds Long Tomorrow: Esther or Abernathy?

We're not going to bother telling you how to find the medicine as it's fairly straightforward thanks to waypoints. Plus, everyone has their own methods for dealing with marauders.

However, if we have to give one bit of advice, it would be to avoid coming across as an idiot by setting off the yellow mines in the backyard over and over - something we definitely didn't do on our first attempt at sneaking inside the Emerald Vale Community Centre.

Once you've picked up the medicine you must then venture back to Edgewater by scurrying past all the marauders that are either alive or dead depending on how ruthless your aggression is.

When back inside Edgewater you must finally make your choice for better or worse: do you give the medicine to Abernathy or Esther?

There's no clear cut choice when it comes to morality as Esther could be a conniving lair looking to sell the medicine at an obscenely high price or she could be genuine in her goal to help the sick.

As for Abernathy, there is clearly something wrong with him, but the medicine you've acquired could be wasted on his illness and paranoia. Plus, to quote Spock, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.

Thanks to Spock always being vocal in our minds when playing anything sci-fi, we decided to entrust Esther.

However, if Spock doesn't particularly speak to you, the most basic reason for picking Esther over Abernathy is that she rewards you with 1,000 bits as opposed to 800 before telling you to never speak to her again. Classy lady.

The Outer Worlds is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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