Daybreak: Why doesn’t Turbo talk? Cody Kearsley shines as the big bad bully!


The recent Netflix hit is a total blast from start to finish.

That sure was wild!

Recently, everybody has been talking about Daybreak, which comes from Brad Peyton (San Andreas, Rampage) and Aron Eli Coleite (Heroes, Ultimate X-Men). 

The series is an adaptation of Brian Ralph's comic series and centres upon 17-year-old student Josh (played by Colin Ford, We Bought a Zoo) who is searching for his girlfriend in post-apocalyptic Glendale, California. Joined by a bunch of misfits, he makes his way across the wasteland in search of her, fighting off warriors, ghoulies and more. 

It's arguably one of the very best titles that the streaming service has put out so far this year, but there are still some questions floating around...


Daybreak: Why doesn't Turbo talk?

As highlighted by Refinery29, it's a serious injury which leaves the character unable to speak; he then communicates in grunts and groans. 

Turbo actor Cody Kearsley actually revealed to Distractify: "It happened when the bombs dropped. But, it’s not explained in the show anymore. I did explain it at one point … so now I don’t know if it might be explained differently in the second season, so we’ll see.” Perhaps they have another avenue in mind to explore in a second season. It would certainly explain why they decided not to explore his past just yet. 

In an episode later into the series - narrated by RZA no less! - it's revealed that Turbo is so obsessed with killing Josh because he is consumed by jealousy for those who harbour a connection to Wesley.

Before the audience is given more insightful reasons for his behaviour, there was uncertainty about his actions which seemed motivated by sheer rage. So, it was a good decision that they chose to delve more into his backstory and previous relationships. Cody Kearsley did a phenomenal job in the role, but where have we seen him before?

Cody Kearsley: Movies & TV

The 28-year-old Canadian actor is best known for playing the character of Moose Mason in the hit series Riverdale

However, he has also starred in the 2017 film Power Rangers (he played Hawkeye), TV series Spiral (Josh) and iZombie (Gulliver). 

In an interview with Entertainment-Focus, he said of his experience with the Daybreak role: "It was incredible. This is the biggest project I’ve been on in terms of scale and budget and world-building. It’s also my first series regular [role] so I had a strong character arc as character development."

Continuing on, he expressed: "I really got to dive in and be a big part of the creative process of the directors, writers, producers and the other cast. It was one of those roles that I’ve been waiting for since I started getting into [acting]." 

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We hope you enjoyed Daybreak, and we'll be sure to keep an eye on updates regarding the future of the series. We're ready for more. 

In other news, where was Daybreak filmed?

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