Where is The Kominsky Method filmed? Explore the Netflix show's West Coast home

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Netflix's The Kominsky Method is back for a second season but where is the Golden Globe-winning series filmed?

While it's often perceived that Netflix is purely for binge-watching teenagers and students, the streaming service has a surprising number of older audience members. 

As a result, Netflix has come to the realisation that not all of its content can be stereotypical teen dramas.

This has led to the rise of original series such as The Crown and The Kominsky Method among others.

The latter is due to return for a second season on October 25th, 2019 with Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin reprising their roles from season one but just where does the Chuck Lorre-led comedy series call home?  

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What is The Kominsky Method about?

The Golden Globe-winning Kominsky Method follows the misadventures of one Sandy Kominsky (Michael Douglas), an ageing actor who had a brief spell at the top and has now taken up a role as an acting coach.

He is joined throughout the series by his long-time friend and agent Norman Newland (Alan Arkin) who is looking to re-kindle an old relationship in season 2.

After years of receiving advice from Norman about his acting career, the roles are almost reversed for Sandy as the second season rolls around and Norman now needs his advice on this new love affair.

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Are there any new cast additions for season 2?

Yes and there's a big name heading the way of The Kominsky Method. 

Jane Seymour of Live and Let Die fame is set to appear in the second season as Norman's long-lost love interest. The former Bond girl is set to star in six of the new season's eight episodes.

Joining Seymour in the new season is Paul Reiser of AliensWhiplash and Stranger Things fame. He is slated to take on the role of Martin in the new season and will appear in five of the season's eight episodes according to IMDb.

The Kominsky Method

Where is the series filmed?

As Sandy Kominsky is a former actor and has turned his talents to training the next generation of actors, there was only ever one place that the series could call home, Los Angeles.

The Kominsky Method is filmed all over the famous city and viewers are always on the lookout for some famous L.A. landmarks when Sandy and Norman are out in the car.

We can expect to see more Californian sun and L.A. cityscapes when The Kominsky Method returns to Netflix for its second season on October 25th, 2019. 

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