A simple guide for how to do 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts in a single race to complete one of the many Halloween event challenges for Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour has its one-month anniversary tomorrow and the game has received a minor facelift with its Halloween event to make it feel fresh and new again. This celebration of all things spooky has been a blast thanks to the arrivals of Mario’s green obsessed sidekick Luigi, as well as Waluigi’s fabulous Pinball course. Nintendo has also added an assortment of new challenges to keep players hooked such as performing ten Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts in a single race.

In addition to Waluigi and the less nefarious Luigi, the Mario Kart Tour Halloween festivity has also introduced Time Trials and King Boo. This driver in particular is almost fundamental to completing the occasion’s ‘land five hits with Bob-ombs while using a driver with an extended tongue‘ challenge.

You can also find out how to complete the ’cause 10 opponents to crash during a single race while using a driver with a tie’ challenge by clicking here, but for how to do ten Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts in a single race simply keep reading.

Mario Kart Tour: How to do 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts in a single race

Mario Kart Tour has asked players to perform 30 Mini-Turbo Boosts during a single race in the past, but doing ten Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts is a far more difficult ordeal despite the smaller quantity required.

This is due to the amount of time it takes to perform a Ultra Mini-Turbo Boost compared to a regular one; you can’t let go of your drift when the sparks turn blue, you have to wait until they turn from blue to orange to pink.

To help you perform ten Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts, you’ll want to change the automatic CC to 50 so that the race is slower. When performing drifts you’ll want to turn more inwards so the time for changing from blue to pink sparks is less extensive.

In addition to the above, you’ll also need to compete on a course with enough about it to complete the challenge. Daisy Hills is a relatively decent course in which experts at Mario Kart Tour could perform ten Ultra Mini-Turbo Boosts by looping around the windmill, and Kalimari Desert is also an okay candidate even if it does have the disadvantage of dirt ruining your momentum.

However, the easiest course to complete the challenge on is Koopa Troopa Beach; a straightforward and plain course with plenty enough curves.

This isn’t the easiest challenge in the game by any stretch of the imagination, but performing at 50CC on Koopa Troopa Beach while turning inwards on drifts as many times as possible should allow you to complete it.

The Mario Kart Tour Halloween event ends on November 5th.

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