Giri/Haji: Who plays Abbott? Peaky Blinders star steps up!


BBC Two's stunning new drama continues to explore the dangerous mystery at its core.

What a great start!

Arguably, the most important episode of a TV series is the very first. Why? It's the introduction, responsible for first impressions and keeping audiences eager for more. 

There have been plenty of shows that have fallen prey to a lacklustre first episode, but that isn't the case for this latest offering on BBC Two. From the mind of Joe Barton - who previously gave audiences Humans - comes this ambitious TV event which spans the globe from London to Tokyo. 

We centre in on Tokyo detective Kenzo (Takehiro Hira), who learns that a yakuza boss' nephew has been killed in the UK. Things become further complicated, however, when it's said that his believed-to-be-dead brother is involved in the ongoing mystery. Curious and confused, he flies out to London in hopes of cracking the compelling case. 


Giri/Haji: Who plays Abbott?

As we said, episode one is paramount in ensuring audiences return for more. 

However, the second episode has expectations to live up to that are established by the first. We've already met many characters, but some are still shrouded in mystery; we can't wait to delve deeper with them. 

There has already been an emphasis on our protagonist and Will Sharpe's Rodney character, but episode two gives us more of Abbott, an intriguing Soho gangster, propped up by an assemblage of dangerous individuals who also begin to take prominence. 

If you're thinking he looks familiar, you're absolutely right. We bet you've definitely seen him in one of these titles, at the very least...

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Charlie Creed-Miles:  TV

It's a little hard to know where to start, as the 47-year-old English actor has been on screens since 1987 in the TV series The Gemini Factor. We guess that's how we've started then!

Many audiences will know him for the role of Billy Kimber in the ever-popular Peaky Blinders, but he's been in a number of terrific series over the years.

These include the likes of Ripper Street (Horace Buckley), The Frankenstein Chronicles (Pritty), Endeavour (Teddy Samuels), Injustice (DI Mark Wenborn), Waking the Dead (Tanner) and Faith in the Future (Jools).

As for movies, there are some true gems. Let's take a look...

He's been in some great films!

Although he's impressing fans in the realm of TV right now, he's done so on a handful of occasions in film. 

Across his career, Charlie has appeared in 2016's 100 Streets (he played George), 2011's Wild Bill (the titular character), Hereafter (Photographer), Harry Brown (D.S. Terry Hicock), King Arthur (Ganis), Essex Boys (Billy Reynolds), The Fifth Element (David) and more. 

As for the future, he's set to star in a forthcoming western called Dry River directed by Daniel Simpson (Spiderhole). We look forward to checking it out!

In the meantime, we hope you're enjoying Giri/Haji as much as we are. 

In other news, what does Giri/Haji mean?

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