Paul Rudd’s appearance on the YouTube show Hot Ones has generated some top quality memes.

Whether you know him from his brief spell on the classic comedy series Friends or his roles in Anchorman or Marvel’s MCU as Ant-Man, you’re bound to have seen the wonderful Paul Rudd in something.

Well, the New Jersey-born actor has now recently been making waves on the YouTube show Hot Ones and not only undertook one of the spiciest challenges known to man but absolutely smashed it out of the park in the process.

Not only is Paul Rudd’s appearance on Hot Ones worthy of a watch in and of itself but it’s also spawned one of the best and most adorably charming memes of 2019.

What is Hot Ones?

Hot Ones is a YouTube-based interview series hosted by Sean Evans on the channel First We Feast

However, guests are not just subjected to a series of questions, oh no, as the host and guest chat, they both participate in a fiery spicy wings challenge that gets progressively hotter with each wing.

Guests who have been on the show in the past include Gordon Ramsey, Shia LaBoeuf and Halle Berry to name just a few.

Paul Rudd on Hot Ones

To mark the release of his new Netflix series Living with Yourself, the Ant-Man star took on the Hot Ones challenge and not only did he manage to eat all 10 of the spicy hot wings but did so without drinking any water or milk in the process.

The interview also offered up some fascinating insights into the life and character of Paul Rudd while creating some truly hilarious moments including an improvised film scene with Sean Evans and Paul Rudd putting their hot wing-induced acting skills to the test. 

The birth of the ‘Look at Us’ meme

Paul Rudd’s appearance on Hot Ones has also inspired the creation of one of our favourite memes of 2019.

As the pair near the end of their spicy wing challenge, Paul and Sean share a brief and touching moment where they both say ‘look at us’ as they reminisce about how far they’ve come on their 30-minute-long hot wing challenge.

Obviously, the adorable moment was quickly taken by viewers and turned into a truly excellent meme.

Here are some of the best we’ve come across so far…

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