Sound familiar? There are plenty of reasons for that.

It’s not all doom and gloom!

“What kind of documentaries do you like to watch?” If your conversation gets onto the subject of watching series and films, the chances of this question popping up are high. 

Often the response will be crime and mystery docs, and indeed, these have been on the rise in recent years. So many examples on Netflix have delved into the realm of serial killers and beyond, but sometimes you just want something beautiful to look at; something affirming.  

Sometimes, nothing can beat getting home, making a cup of tea – no sugar, thanks – and relaxing with a great nature documentary. The streaming service offers many, but at the moment, we’re captivated by the colourful and insightful Dancing With The Birds. 


Dancing With The Birds on Netflix

This visual feast focuses its lens on the way that birds move and react to in order to attract a mate. 

It’s interesting stuff, and it’s great to see a doc take a more narrow focus, rather than simply presenting us with a wonderful array of feathered beauties. Let’s be honest though, the visuals are certainly the draw here. 

These animals are absolutely gorgeous, and the film itself never runs thin, clocking in at a very palatable 51 minutes. Watching how the birds present themselves is entertaining, but it’s made even more so thanks to some expert narration from a familiar voice…

Who is the Dancing With The Birds narrator?

It’s the one-and-only Stephen Fry!

The 62-year-old English actor, comedian and writer is essentially a national treasure, having impressed audiences consistently over the decades across numerous professions. 

Plenty of viewers may recognise him from panel shows such as QI, as well as travel shows like Stephen Fry in America. However, he boasts some terrific film credentials, having appeared in the likes of The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies (Master of Laketown), Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Mycroft Holmes), Alice in Wonderland (voice of Cheshire Cat) and V for Vendetta (Deitrich). 

Being no stranger to voiceover, it’s also worth mentioning he was the narrator in 2005’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He’s also done some great TV work too, including A Bit of Fry and Laurie (various characters), Blackadder (numerous characters also), The Young Ones (Lord Snot) and more. 

Stephen Fry on stage at the SeriousFun London Gala 2018 at The Roundhouse on November 6, 2018 in London, England.

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You can find him over on Instagram at @stephenfryactually; he currently boasts a whopping 378k followers. 

Similarly, you can head over to his Twitter at @stephenfry, where he has an even more impressive 12.7 million followers – now that’s something!

We look forward to seeing what he has in store for our screens throughout the rest of the year. 

In other news, will there be an Eli 2?