Travel Man: Audiences on Twitter slam Dubrovnik episode - "neither informative or funny"

Travel Man

It turns out fans aren't happy with the comedy duo after their behaviour on the episode.

"This is travel without mercy."

Imagine holidaying with Moss from The IT Crowd...

That either sounds like a right laugh or a living nightmare, but then again, it's not exactly possible. However, Travel Man offers a pretty great insight into what that experience may be like. There have been plenty of terrific travel shows over the years, but arguably, the best ones are enriched with generous helpings of comedy. 

An Idiot Abroad would, of course, be the winning example to cite, and the more recent Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father is also brilliant if you're in need of some laughs and holiday inspiration. 

Recently, Travel Man returned for series 9, and audiences are humbly invited to watch comedian, actor, writer - all-round multi-talent, really - Richard Ayoade take us on a journey across some striking destinations. 

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS -- Episode 40 -- Pictured: Comedian Richard Ayoade during an interview on May 1, 2014 --LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS -- Episode 40 -- Pictured: Comedian Richard Ayoade during an interview on May 1, 2014 --

Travel Man takes us to Dubrovnik 

The episode which aired on Channel 4 on Monday, October 21st 2019 at 8:30 pm saw both Richard and fellow comedian and actor Stephen Merchant (An Idiot Abroad) take a tour around Dubrovnik - a city in southern Croatia which fronts the Adriatic Sea. 

It's become quite the tourist attraction in recent years. Why? Because a great number of iconic sequences in the monumental fantasy series Game of Thrones were filmed there!

When Richard and Stephen are asked if they've seen it, they answer no, which means that the intriguing tour is ultimately lost on them, making for some unenthused comments. There are so many awesome one-liners scattered throughout, but audiences weren't exactly impressed with a fair few of them. 


Audiences on Twitter slam the episode 

Since the episode has aired, many audiences have taken to Twitter to express their annoyance with the way both Richard and Stephen acted towards the tour guides and locals.

One viewer said: "Eh this is the first #travelman where the humour’s slipped too close to being rude to locals for me."

Similarly, another added: "Used to really like #travelman but Richard and guest always come across as so rude to whoever is showing them around. It was never like this in the earlier episodes."

One irritated audience member argued: "We live in #Croatia & found the #Dubrovnik episode of #travelman to be utterly disrespectful. Croatia is a beautiful, welcoming country steeped in history & deserves so much better exposure than this trite s**t. Awful episode with two *celebrities* who did themselves no favours."

A viewer also voiced their belief that the show unsuccessfully blends humour: "Oh dear - neither informative or funny. Falling between two stools. Literally #travelman."

The recurring verdict is also captured pretty well in this tweet: "#travelman at what point do these celebs become spoilt to the point they are just rude? Not coming across as funny - rather disrespectful..."


Was any of it funny?

Although some of the criticism it's attracted on Twitter is warranted, there were some pretty funny moments. 

Sure, the pair definitely came off as rude to the likes of the Game of Thrones tour guide, but we did enjoy some of these one-liners and exchanges:

- Stephen Merchant: "Is that like a BAFTA for a city?"

- Richard Ayoade on Dubrovnik: "...Stone-cold ballers on Trip Advisor said they might come again."

- Stephen Merchant on Peter Dinklage: "He once stood on my back!"

- Richard Ayoade talking about the streets: "It would be so much easier if they just tarmacked the whole thing."

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