If you’re meat-eater through-and-through, you’ll definitely want to check out this series gem.

How would you describe Netflix?

There are many ways one could go about it, but we’re going with “a fountain of content”. Every week we see them add more and more diverse content, and it’s safe to say that they cater for so many more niches than they used to. 

No matter what you’re into, it’s likely that they have a show, film or documentary for you to kick back to and enjoy. Often we tend to check recently added and go with the title which looks the most appealing to us, but more seasoned streamers will wisely take the time to scan Netflix’s vast selection, finding the more weird, wonderful and obscure content. 

A show which many have caught onto lately is MeatEater, a documentary series which follows the hunting ventures of Steven Rinella. So, who is he?

Who is Steven Rinella?

The 45-year-old American personality is a well-known outdoorsman, conservationist and writer.

Although the sport of hunting and the general outdoorsman lifestyle can be considered rather specialist, he has become a mainstream figure thanks to his TV output being accessible but nevertheless informative. 

Born in Twin Lake, Michigan, he was taught to hunt alongside his brothers by his father from a young age; his upbringing has shaped him and his career considerably, to say the least. Furthering his hunting experience throughout life, he used to host a series called The Wild Within on the Travel Channel, but is also well known in print too. 

Steven has released such cooking books as The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game, American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon, Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter, The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine and most recently, The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook in 2018. 


MeatEater on Netflix

Arguably, the expert is most associated with his series MeatEater, which first landed way back in 2012. 

Since then, it has been going strong for an impressive eight seasons, with the eighth now on the streaming service as a Netflix Original series; there are eight episodes to dig into. 

The series has long followed the hunter to numerous locations, such as Montana, Alaska, Mexico, New Zealand, Arizona, Wisconsin and California. Of course, hunting is a controversial subject, but Steven is inevitably in defence of his craft, allowing audiences to chronicle the hunt and then watch as he prepares the food in creative, outdoorsman fashion. 

It’s earned him quite the devoted following over the years, and since season 8 landed, some fans have tweeted to show support. One wrote: “@stevenrinella man, I’m so happy MeatEater is on Netflix and in HD. The cinematography is epic. Hats off to your cameramen. And you for hunting some gorgeous country.”

Similarly, another added: “Can’t stop watching #meateater on #Netflix I’d love to have a go.”

Is he married? 

Yes! He sure is. 

Steven is married to Catherine Finch. According to an interview in Glamour back in 2009, he confessed: “First, I’m an outdoorsman. I’m most at ease hanging out in the mountains of Alaska and eating things that died at my hands. I had always assumed I’d marry a woman who was, too.”

Continuing on, he said: “Which brings me to the second thing. I recently married a New York City publicist… the last woman on earth you’d find with a rifle slung over her shoulder.” They met while promoting his first book, and things blossomed from there. 

It was an unlikely pairing, but one which triumphed all the same. 

Be sure to check out MeatEater on Netflix!

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