Some predictions for the PS Plus November 2019 free games include Resident Evil 7.

With October coming to an end as Halloween fast approaches, PlayStation 4 gamers are naturally anticipating Sony’s announcement of free games for PS Plus this November 2019. The Last Of Us has been a part of the free games this month alongside some baseball title none of us Brits could care about any less, and predictions around the internet pertaining to next month are hopeful for Resident Evil 7.

Sony’s free games for PlayStation Plus have been great as of late with the likes of Batman Arkham Knight, Darksiders 3 and recently The Last Of Us. The Daily Star suggests that the November 2019 games will be announced on October 30th, so before then we may as well entertain ourselves by taking a glance at some of the predictions floating around the web.

PS Plus November 2019 predictions

Predictions are hardly ever right, but the Reddit community has recently been on fire with masses of users somehow guessing The Last Of Us and Batman Arkham Knight.

The community is more split this time around, but a lot of people are assuming that there will be some sort of Halloween theme thanks to October’s free games having been light on scares.

Some of these predictions include the likes of Outlast 2, Call Of Cthulu, Little Nightmares and Resident Evil 7.

Any one of these games would be great, but Call Of Cthulu would be the most appreciated thanks to it being an average to good game with some great ideas that deserve to be experienced.

As for Resident Evil 7, Twinfinite has also included it in their predictions thanks to it boasting PSVR compatibility. From their point-of-view, they believe the Capcom instalment would be appropriate thanks to Sony hosting a PSVR anniversary sale (the accessory first launched back in 2016 on October 13th).

Other titles mentioned by Reddit users include Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Inside. While Rise Of The Tomb Raider could perhaps happen to accompany the release of the Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on November 5th, it’s surprising that not many people have predicted Doom.

While highly unlikely, the inclusion of 2016’s Doom would be neat thanks to Doom Eternal having been delayed from November to March.

Whatever Sony ends up releasing, hopefully it’ll be something good that not many people have played. The Last Of Us is one of the best games of all time, but its inclusion is a waste as mostly everyone already owns it compared to other great games such as Darksiders 3.

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