The release time for the Mario Kart Tour Halloween event is fast approaching meaning fans will soon be able to enjoy exploring Luigi’s Mansion.

Mario Kart Tour has been out since September 25th and fans haven’t stopped badgering Nintendo about where Mario’s lean and green-obsessed brother is. Fortunately, fans will no longer need to keep asking as Luigi is arriving in the game very soon along with a themed costume for Rosalina in an upcoming Halloween event for which you can find its release times below.

The Mario Kart Tour Tokyo event was a doozie that added Space Princess Rosalina and Rainbow Road, but – just like Apex Legends, Overwatch and Borderlands 3 – it’s now time for Nintendo to celebrate all things spooky with a Halloween Tour.

This event was previously leaked through a datamine, but Nintendo has now confirmed it in advance of the release date for Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Mario Kart Tour Halloween adds Luigi, Waluigi and King Boo

To announce the arrival of all things spooky and scary in Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo uploaded a quick video presented by Lakitu.

The Mario Kart Tour character reveals that the upcoming Halloween Tour will introduce four additional drivers: Luigi, Waluigi, Baby Luigi and King Boo. None of these characters are event exclusive meaning you’ll still be able to unlock them through pipes well after the event meets its end.

While the aforementioned Luigi and co are not event exclusive, Rosalina in a Halloween costume as a witch is a limited-time caricature along with her unique frenzy; a ‘dash ring’ special ability that allows her to speed through courses and around opponents.

The other Halloween Tour exclusive is a darker King Boo that appears to have been soaked in some Ribena. This limited-time variant comes with the special ability to fire ba-bombs from a massive cannon.

In addition to four new characters with two event exclusive variants for Rosalina and King Boo, the Mario Kart Tour Halloween event also introduces limited-time karts and gliders as well as new courses. These new courses include Ghost Valley, Waluigi Pinball and a resurrection of Luigi’s Mansion from Mario Kart DS.

Lastly, there will be a plethora of new and unique challenges for you to complete.

When does the Mario Kart Tour Halloween event release?

The Mario Kart Tour Halloween event’s release time is said to be October 22nd 11:00 PDT and October 23rd 07:00 BST.

While the lack of real competitive multiplayer is still frustrating, Nintendo’s Halloween Tour should help the game feel fresh and new again.

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