What is Beermunch? Delicious new Bar City snack range explained!

It's Beermunch

What the hell is Beermunch?

Advertising can be a tricky business. While companies obviously want people to know more about their product, the way in which they go about spreading the word can vary quite dramatically.

While some companies feature talking dogs or use adorable meerkats to sell you car insurance, you also get the likes of perfume and aftershave brands who create mind-boggling celebrity-starring ads that relate in no way to their actual product.

All of these have been tried and tested over the years but aren't the best kind of adverts the ones that make you curious about what's actually being pushed into your subconscious?

Well, that's certainly the case for a new range of snacks from Brew City, the advert for which leaves viewers asking "what the hell is Beermunch?" 

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The Beermunch advert

The Beermunch advert, which can be viewed above, features a number of people repeating the phrase Beermunch but doesn't really care to explain what that actually means.

Even a man in the advert asks "what is this?" while holding up a chip-shaped snack. 

Beermunch What Is This

What is Beermunch? 

While the Beermunch ad is certainly a confusing one, the product itself is far from it. 

The snack range advertised in the advert itself is actually called Brew City and features a selection of snacks that include 'Cheesy Brew Bites,' Halloumi Fries, Onion Straws and more. 

"But why is it called Beermunch?" we hear you ask. Well, that's because the Brew City range is supposed to be a snack range to have alongside some drinks, hence Beermunch. So Brew City would be something you can eat at a party or get together or even a trip to the pub for example rather than your typical bag of crisps.

Beermunch Header

Where can you buy these tasty new snacks?

The range of Brew City snacks can be found in all major UK supermarkets such as ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrison's and the Co-Op.

Brew City can be found in the freezer section, almost certainly near similar products such as frozen chips or onion rings.

For more on the Brew City range, check out their official website here

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