The Champions League of Dart may have found its champion but how much prize money did Michael Van Gerwen win?

After making its way onto the darts calendar in 2016, the Champions League of Darts has quickly become one of the highlights of the sport.

The annual two-day competition pits the eight best players in the world against each other with a sizable amount of prize money on offer for the eventual champion.

After 2018 saw Scotland’s Gary Anderson take home the crown, it was Michael Van Gerwen who managed to see off Peter Wright in a tightly fought encounter that went right down to the wire. 

But just how much prize money will Van Gerwen take home after winning the ever-more prestigious tournament?

Champions League of Darts 2019

The 2019 Champions League of Darts took place over the weekend of October 19-20 and saw some hugely tense darts action unfold, particularly in the nail-biting finale.

World number one Michael Van Gerwen looked beaten but several key misses from Scotland’s Peter Wright allowed the Dutchman back into the encounter and he went onto steal the victory, earning himself a sizable chunk of prize money in the process.  

What’s the prize money for winning?

The total prize money fund for the Champions League of Darts is a respectable £250,000.

That amount is split between the competitors depending on how far into the tournament they progressed.

While those knocked out in the group stage managed to pick up between £10,000 and £15,000, the eventual champion Michael Van Gerwen would go onto win a whopping £100,000.

While the amount for winning the Champions League of Darts may not be quite as high as winning the World Grand Prix (£110,000) or the World Matchplay (£150,000) for example, the prize money for the tournament winner is a highly sought-after prize nonetheless.

What’s next in the world of darts?

Up next for the Champions League winner Michael Van Gerwen is the European Championship which is scheduled to take place between October 24th and 27th.

The upcoming tournament will take the Champions Leauge competitors and open the field up to encompass 32 players rather than just eight.

While the prize money fund for the whole European Championships reaches an eye-watering £500,000, the winner will receive £120,000 of that.

Coverage of the European Championship is set to come from ITV 4 so darts fans won’t have to miss a single moment of action when the tournament gets underway later this week.

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