It’s one of the most binge-worthy TV series of 2019 so far.

From the pages of The New York Times and straight to the screen, Modern Love continues to win over our hearts. 

Amazon Studios have taken fans on many journeys across the years, offering prestigious auteurs and beyond the chance to craft exceptional works in the realm of television. 

However, their latest romantic endeavour is set to be one of the most popular, boasting universal appeal in its treatment of love; it spans heartbreak, dating and much more. It’s already been admired for presenting audiences with timely themes in an insightful yet always entertaining fashion. 

It actually began life as a weekly column in The New York Times, but as its reputation grew, it opened up opportunities for adaptation. Each episode of this anthology series presents us with a new cast of familiar faces, keeping things fresh for a charming eight episodes. 

Let’s take a look at where it was filmed…

Anne Hathaway and Emmy Rossum attend Amazon’s Museum Of Modern Love on October 10, 2019 in New York City.

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Where was Modern Love filmed?  

As highlighted by BT, Modern Love was filmed in New York.

Filming took place towards the tail-end of 2018, across such NY locations as Brooklyn, SoHo Hastings-on-Hudson, Yorkville and the Upper East Side.

The below tweet also shows stars Anne Hathaway (she plays Lexi) filming a dance sequence in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It looks like so much fun! Take a look:


Audiences love it!

So far, Modern Love has gone down an absolute treat!

A number of fans have taken to Twitter already to shower it with praise. One recently wrote: “Guys #ModernLove is out today and it’s honestly one of my fave shows in awhile. It’s so gentle and warm and lovely and the performances are all incredible and I cried about 27 times.”

Another weighed in, saying: “I’m seriously only watching #ModernLove for the Andrew Scott episode. But I’m on episode 2 now and already bawling my eyes out. I’m a sappy sap and this show is exactly what I need today.”

Anne Hathaway’s performance has arguably attracted the most attention so far, with one fan expressing: “It’s really heartbreaking to watch. I want more episodes with Anne Hathaway, she’s absolutely PERFECT. I can’t believe how much she made me cry!”

Similarly, someone else has tweeted: “Ya’ll can say what you want about Anne Hathaway (I personally love her) but she is doing such a great job portraying this chronically bi-polar woman. I’m learning things about this condition I never knew before. Sis is legit taking me on a journey… #ModernLove.”


Season 2, anyone?

Admittedly, it’s early days, but as of yet a second season of Modern Love has not been announced. 

The first season does a terrific job of exploring different variations of love and considering it’s also an anthology series, there really are so many avenues they could still explore.  

With such an alluring cast behind it and an incredibly positive response on initial release, it would be wise to anticipate more episodes to come featuring even more talented performers. 

If this is modern love, we’re sold! 

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