Temple is confirmed for season 2 - when does filming start?


Mark Strong has headed underground in one of his finest roles to date.

How do you feel about remakes?

Perhaps the most common answer would be "we're simply used to them." The cinema is flooded with sequels and remakes, but remake shouldn't always be referred to as a dirty word. 

We've seen some great examples surface, from Martin Scorsese's The Departed (a remake of Infernal Affairs) to Alexandre Aja's The Hills Have Eyes (a gory take on Wes Craven's horror classic of the same name). However, on a number of occasions we've found ourselves swept up in the promise of a new film or series without initially realising that it's already been made elsewhere. 

The latest remake to capture attention is Temple, showing on Sky One. It's an adaptation of a Norwegian property called Valkyrien, of which landed only recently in 2017. The Sky adaptation from Hera Pictures tells the story of a surgeon named Daniel (played by Mark Strong) who operates in abandoned tunnels near Temple Station in London. Serving as a place for those who cannot simply head to the hospital, he helps those who need it while attempting to find a cure for his wife's illness (Catherine McCormack).


Temple: Back for season 2?

It sure is!

Sky has confirmed that Temple has been renewed for a second season, with filming set to commence early 2020, reuniting us with characters we've grown rather fond of over season 1. 

It's terrific news when considering how the first was received. 

SO, what has been the verdict so far?

Here's what audiences are saying...

It's attracted great buzz since it premiered, and as one fan simply puts it: "Temple on Sky one is a great watch! 10/10."

Similarly, another viewer wrote: "Sky One TV series Temple is a must-watch... excellent." Scouring through the glowing comments made about the show, it's clear that the cast has been a real draw for most, and not just front-and-centre star Mark Strong, but the central ensemble on the whole. 

One fan argued: "Temple on Sky One - what a show! @DanielMays9 and Mark Strong never disappoint to be fair. Highly recommended." We'd have to agree, they're pretty terrific in it, but as this tweet suggests, we're not too surprised. Another added ahead of watching the last episode: "Time to watch the final Temple. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out! Fantastic cast and acting from Mark Strong @Cparks1976 @DanielMays9 @caricevhouten and a superb story too that has kept me on the edge of my seat!"


How many episodes?

Temple boasts a palatable eight episodes in total. 

It's a shame it wasn't longer, but then again, it's better not to drag on unnecessarily as some series sadly do. At least there is another season on the way!

For seekers of the weird and twisted, it's a must!

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