Ant-Man and Friends actor Paul Rudd has proved that he has an iron stomach but did the Hot Ones wing challenge reveal something else?

Paul Rudd is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood despite his down-to-Earth nature which, of course, has endeared him with millions of film and TV fans over the years.

The Friends and Ant-Man actor has earned himself more respect among his fanbase this week for conquering the Hot Ones spicy wing challenge which saw him square off against host Sean Evans in an interview food challenge. 

However, it wasn’t the incredibly spicy sauces that got fans talking the most, it was the fact that Rudd went for the vegan cauliflower wing option rather than the standard spicy chicken wings we normally see on the show.

As a result, speculation has arisen asking whether or not Paul Rudd is, in fact, vegan or not.

Paul Rudd on Hot Ones

On October 17th, Paul Rudd appeared on the interview show Hot Ones where guests are not only subjected to testing interview questions but are also tasked with eating 10 spicy hot wings of increasing heat.

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Paul Rudd managed to astound host Sean Evans and those watching by completing the 10-wing challenge without drinking any milk or water but looked to struggle as the heat was ramped up.

After the final wing was eaten, Paul and Sean took part in an impromptu acting scene with eyes streaming from the spicy heat of the wings, it really is a stirring performance from them both. 

However, Paul Rudd’s appearance on the show prompted another, somewhat unexpected question.

Is Paul Rudd vegan?

The question arose when viewers noticed that instead of going for more traditional chicken wings, Paul Rudd elected to go for the show’s vegan alternative, cauliflower wings.

Naturally, some viewers came to the conclusion that Paul Rudd must be trying to go vegan or vegetarian but this is not actually the case.

At around the 20-minute mark in the video, Paul Rudd reveals that he’s not actually vegetarian despite going for the cauliflower but is instead trying to cut down on his meat intake. 

While it’s not mentioned in the show, Paul Rudd is understood to have a meatless Monday each week. 

Why was Paul Rudd on Hot Ones?

While it looked like Paul Rudd was just on the show for the sake of it, he was technically supposed to be promoting his new TV series Living With Yourself which is landing on Netflix on October 18th.

The show sees Paul Rudd play two versions of the same character in a mind-bending comedy that as well as having Paul Rudd play two characters also stars Irish comedian Aisling Bea, Alia Shawkat, Desmin Borges and Karen Pittman among others.

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