If you’re looking for something resonant, charming and insightful, Modern Love has it all.

It’s finally here!

Amazon Video has delivered some exceptional shows over the years, including the likes of The Boys, Hanna and Goliath. However, their latest to attract a great deal of buzz and attention is wildly different from these titles; we’re talking about Modern Love. 

The US rom-com series is actually based on the weekly column which earned a significant fanbase in The New York Times and is comprised of numerous stories each episode. 

Having to alternate the cast with every episode sounds daunting, but it’s the duty of an anthology series to keep things interesting. Fortunately, Modern Love has managed to score such a stellar band of performers, ensuring that every episode feels positively star-studded. It landed on Amazon Video on Friday, October 18th 2019, with the first episode – ‘When the Doorman Is Your Main Man’ – serving as a great introduction. So, who’s in it?

Anne Hathaway, Cristin Milioti and Emmy Rossum attend Amazon’s Museum Of Modern Love on October 10, 2019 in New York City.

Modern Love episode 1 cast

The episode centres upon Maggie, whose disappointing love life leads her to clarify things with a doorman in wake of a series of disastrous dates. 

It’s a great set-up but one which can feel relatable to audiences – who hasn’t been on a bad date!?

Maggie is played by the excellent Cristin Milioti, who you’re sure to recognise from a number of great projects. She’s starred in such crowdpleasers as the Fargo television series (she played Betsy Solverson), How I Met Your Mother (Tracy McConnell), The Wolf of Wall Street (Teresa Petrillo), The Sopranos (Catherine Sacrimoni), Black Mirror (Nanette Cole) and more. 

The doorman she discusses her dates with – Guzmin – is performed by the great Laurentiu Possa, who has been in such efforts as Killing Eve (Vladimir Betkin), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Grigor), Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (Rene Heron) and The Bourne Ultimatum (Russian Policeman). 

Some of the guys we see Maggie with are played by Brandon Victor Dixon (he plays Terry Silver in Power), Daniel Reese (Edwin in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and Charles Warburton (Charles in A Little Water). 

Here’s what audiences thought of it…

So far the reactions have been really positive to the show. 

Discussing episode one, in particular, one Twitter user wrote: “I am sobbing over the #ModernLove TV show and it’s just the first episode.”

Reflecting on the wider show, another fan expressed: “Guys #ModernLove is out today and it’s honestly one of my fave shows in a while. It’s so gentle and warm and lovely and the performances are all incredible and I cried about 27 times.”

It’s gone down so well that one fan even added: “#ModernLove can even make you feel better about past heartbreaks.” So, to say that the series has delivered on its promise would be an understatement. 

How many episodes are there to binge? 


How many episodes?

There are eight episodes of Modern Love season 1 in total and all are available to watch right now. 

Plenty of audiences have already complained that there aren’t enough episodes, but considering it’s an anthology series – and therefore presenting endless possibilities – it would be wise to assume that a second could be on the cards. 

Let’s hope so! For now, we hope you’re enjoying it. 

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