PS4 players in certain regions can now preload Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is pretty much the biggest game to release this October, and – in addition to the fantastic news about loot boxes being canned for a Battle Pass – PlayStation 4 loyalists in certain regions can now preload it.

The PS4 version of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare has stirred up a lot of controversy thanks to Spec Ops’ Survival Mode being a Sony exclusive until October 2020 (basically until the next Call Of Duty). This has understandably irked a lot of fans, but the blame shouldn’t be placed at the feet of Infinity Ward as the decision was “well above their pay grades.”

Still, if you’re a PlayStation 4 gamer then you’re most definitely revelling in the exclusivity with a smug grin on your face 24/7 meaning you won’t be in the minority to cancel their pre-order.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Editions on the PS4

In order to preload Call Of Duty Modern Warfare on PS4 you will first need to pre-order an Edition from the PlayStation Store. There are three editions you can buy: Standard, Operator and Operator Enhanced.

Pre-ordering the Standard Edition (£59.99) will reward you with a Prestige Token in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, Classic Captain Price Character in Blackout for Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 and a PS4 Dynamic Reveal Theme.

The Standard Edition also includes a custom in-game tactical knife and in-game XRK weapons pack.

As for the Operator Edition (74.99), it boasts the same pre-order incentives along with the following Operator packs: All Ghillied Up, Crew Expandable and War Pig.

Each of the Operator packs comes with a themed Operator skin, cosmetic weapon variant and additional bonus content.

Lastly, the Operator Enhanced Edition (£84.99) includes all of the above but with 3,000 Call Of Duty points.

The PS4 download comes in packs similar to Xbox One, but Sony gamers will download a Survival bundle unlike Microsoft loyalists.

How to preload Call Of Duty Modern Warfare on PS4

Players can now preload Call Of Duty Modern Warfare on PlayStation 4. However, this appears to only apply to specific regions.

PlayStation 4 gamers have celebrated being able to preload the game on Twitter and Reddit, but – according to some users – they still have to wait until the 23rd.

If you are having trouble preloading it, people on Twitter and Reddit have suggested redownloading the Modern Warfare beta in your library.

And for those who cannot preload it until October 23rd, you needn’t worry too much as 48-hours should be enough time to download the game before it launches.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare becomes available to play for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 25th.

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