An unannounced Halloween event for Mario Kart Tour is when Luigi could perhaps make his long-awaited debut in the popular mobile game.

Mario Kart Tour has been out since September 25th and aside from constantly badgering Nintendo about when multiplayer will be added, fans have also been asking non-stop where the hell Luigi is. The short and depressing answer is that he’s not in the game, but the ying to this depressing yang is that he mostly likely will be very soon following an unannounced but seemingly leaked Halloween event.

Nintendo’s Tokyo Tour event has added 14 new characters and a bunch of maps including Space Princess Rosalina and Rainbow Road. The event has also seen the arrival of its second group of challenges with tasks such as ‘using a heart three times‘.

Some fans are understandably upset that the Tokyo Tour didn’t add Luigi and that update 1.1.0 still hasn’t added multiplayer, but – on the bright side – it appears as if the former issue is going to be resolved very soon in celebration of Satan’s minions rising from beneath.

Why isn’t Luigi in Mario Kart Tour?

The noticeable omission of Nintendo’s green-obsessed plumber in Mario Kart Tour has understandably irked a lot of fans. Especially with wee babies such as Rosalina having been added beforehand.

It’s undeniably disappointing that Luigi hasn’t been in Mario Kart Tour at all since it launched late September, but the logic behind his omission is probably sound with his arrival likely coming once Luigi’s Mansion 3 is available to play.

Mario Kart Tour Halloween event

Per a report from Game Revolution, a Twitter account named Mario Kart Tour News appears to have leaked that a Halloween event is on the horizon for the popular mobile game.

Through a datamine, Mario Kart Tour News seems to have uncovered a file called “Halloween-Rohre 1.” With the German “Rohre” meaning pipe in English, this strongly hints at a Halloween-themed event for October 31st or there about.

This isn’t official so you shouldn’t get too excited as of yet, but it is admittedly impossible to doubt with Luigi’s Mansion 3 scheduled to launch on Halloween also.

As for what characters and maps the unconfirmed Halloween event could add, fans over on Twitter are stoked for Luigi, King Boo, Professor E. Gadd and Luigi’s Mansion because it just makes sense.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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