With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to pick a costume and what better outfit than Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker?

After releasing on October 4th, it’s safe to say that the Joaquin Phoenix-starring Joker has become one of the biggest and most talked-about films of 2019.

As well as offering up a fresh take on the iconic Batman villain, Joker acts as a warning about what happens when society pushes people to the brink and beyond.

Not only is it being touted as a potential Oscars candidate, Joker has become the highest-earning film ever to open in October.

And with Halloween right around the corner, will it be any surprise to see the clown prince of crime feature in a number of costumes during the spooky holiday?

The success of Joker

Ever since the first teaser trailer for Joker dropped back in April, it was always likely to garner huge attention. 

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Despite it being a comic book movie of sorts, it’s a far, far cry from the likes of Marvel’s easily digestible MCU movies and delves deep into the character of Arthur Fleck and what makes him snap and become the iconic villain.

As a result, the film has received almost universal praise from critics with some viewers split over the mature nature of the film. 

However, the incredibly stunning and visceral performance on show from Joaquin Phoenix has led to many touting the film for Oscars when awards season rolls around.

On top of that, Joker has become the highest-opening film in October, smashing Venom’s 2018 record in the process. 

Joker as a Halloween costume

The Joker has always been a popular character to dress up as at Halloween or conventions. 

And what makes the character an even more inviting prospect are the numerous iterations we’ve seen on-screen over the years.

Just take a look a look at this sketch from The Office US which came out after the release of The Dark Knight in 2008. We’re bound to see something similar in 2019.

Seven best Joker Halloween costumes inspired by Joaquin Phoenix 

Naturally, with it being one of the biggest films of the year, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is bound to get some attention this Halloween and it’s not hard to see why.

Offering up a super cool costume with a slick suit and stunning makeup, 2019’s Joker will no doubt be regarded as one of the key versions of the character. 

However, there is more to 2019’s Joker than just the standard Joker outfit, especially if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd this Halloween.

Standard Joker

What you will need: The standard Joker look is one of the easiest to accomplish. A number of online stores are already selling this maroon suit and yellow waistcoat combo. The real skill here, however, will be recreating the stunning makeup.

Complete the look with: A cigarette. If you’ve seen Joker you’ll know that Arthur Fleck is somewhat of a chain smoker and is almost always seen with a cigarette in hand. HOWEVER, we do not condone smoking in any way and would recommend using those candy sticks that kids always use to fake smoking with instead.

Standard Arthur

What you will need: For the standard Arthur look all you really need is a set of rather tatty, smart-casual clothes. A creased shirt along with a jumper or cardigan and finish with a rather boring brown coat. Done.

Complete the look with: A lip scar. Joaquin Phoenix’s lip scar is very prominent during Joker and recreating it with a bit of makeup or prosthetic would be the perfect extra detail. 

Clown Arthur

What you will need: This is one of the more complicated looks to achieve in Joker. As well as a number of unique clothing items like the gingham jacket and massive clown shoes, you’ll need to get hold of a clown bald cap and the iconic red nose.

Complete the look with: ‘Everything must go’ board. We hope you’ve learned how to spin a long piece of cardboard or wood because it’ll be a vital skill if you want to pull this look off perfectly.

Hospital clown Arthur

What you will need: Repeat the last costume but this time, add a white lab/hospital coat.

Complete the look with: A ‘prop’ gun.

Arthur becoming Joker

What you will need: In essence, this is a simplified version of the clown outfit and as a result is much easier to accomplish. You’ll just need a shirt, waistcoat and tie, as well as the grimy-looking makeup wee see here. This look is arguably the closest to Heath Ledger’s Joker in the 2019 film.

Complete the look with: Weird Tai chi dancing. This outfit is featured in the scene after Arthur has killed his first victims and takes his first step towards becoming Joker so prepare to get weird. 

Arthur with all-white makeup

What you will need: A fairly simple look to recreate, all this costume requires is some freshly-dyed green hair and lots of white face paint. If you lose the will to recreate the Joker’s full makeup then this could be a good compromise. 

Complete the look by: Painting your tongue white too! This is not recommended as the paint could probably poison you but Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker does this and if you want to recreate the look exactly then you’ll have to show some questionable levels of dedication. 

Joker with clown mask

What you will need: If you’ve already acquired the standard Joaquin Phoenix Joker suit then all you need to add to this outfit is the creepy clown mask. These are available all over the internet on the likes of Amazon and eBay.

Complete the look with: An army of clown mask-wearing followers. Just like Joker you’ll want to go that extra mile and to do so, just recruit some friends and dish out some more clown masks to create the Gotham protestors and the look will be complete. 

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