If you’ve ever wanted to live on an airfield, you’ll be more tempted than ever before after watching this.

“It’s perfectly normal and healthy to have a hobby, like flower-arranging or bell-ringing…” expresses Kevin McCloud in the introduction to another exciting episode of Grand Designs. 

However, he quickly points out that it can become something quite different when said hobby becomes an obsession, or even more, an actual way of life. 

We’re in the twentieth anniversary of the hit homebuilding show, and since 1999 we’ve seen so many intriguing and downright fascinating homes showcased by our humble presenter. The latest series has arguably been the biggest – and perhaps even strangest – yet, and there have been plenty of emotional journeys to follow. 

However, this episode has seriously been a long time coming. Of course, we’re talking about Kevin heading back to Strathaven to chronicle the progress of a home built on an airfield. It’s as tricky as it sounds…

Grand Designs: Strathaven Airfield

It’s been six years since Kevin ventured out to Scotland to check in on flying instructor Colin MacKinnon and hovercraft instructor Marta Briongos. 

They had been striving to envision an impressive home inspired by aircraft hangars and made of metal. Why is he back? Well, that’s because the couple finally finished the job. Now that’s what you call dedication!

The project turned out to be a bit of a nightmare, to say the least, with the pair having to face down some seriously disruptive weather conditions (snow and more), and it goes without saying that issues of time were a pressing factor in it all.  

Just one year… that’s right, the couple initially gave themselves one year to erect their inventive dream home on an airfield. After three years, the daunting task led to them bleeding their budget, and it actually looked as though it would all be over, uncompleted and hanging over them – we won’t make a hangar joke!


They did it!

A long road, but one undoubtedly worth travelling. 

Over the years there were issues with insurance after a fire – it was released in chunks – and issues with getting the right people aboard to help. When you’re building something so unique, you must call upon specialists, who are already in demand and may not be able to work the schedule your project demands. 

When the individual set to handle the foundations cannot make it, Colin actually looks online and takes a crash-course of sorts; miraculously, the gamble actually paid off. Yet, they encounter more problems when they’re still left waiting on the insurance payout with a £40,000 hole in the budget. Reluctantly, they’re forced to sell from their collection of beautiful paintings. 

In the end, it was all worth it. There are four lovely bedrooms, a runway view, office, artist studio and a utility room for the pilots and so forth to use, as it’s tied to the business situated on the airfield. It’s almost like a control tower of sorts, but the nicest one you’ll see, for sure. 


Fans share the happiness

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Absolutely love love love Colin and Marta’s house on an airfield #granddesigns – they have excellent taste.”

Similarly, another added: “Good to see #strathaven back on #granddesigns – fantastic house right on the airfield.” One fan wrote ahead of the episode airing: “Glad they are revisiting this Airfield House. Big risk, hope it’s been worth it.”

Well, we can confirm that it was absolutely worth it. The project proved to be far more time-consuming, expensive and exhausting than anticipated, but now they have their dream home, they’re absolutely delighted. Great stuff!

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