Neighbours fans were sad to witness Mark Brennan’s goodbye recently.

If you’re a fan, you’ll know that good neighbours do indeed become good friends. 

Over the years, we’ve made plenty of those, all courtesy of this popular Australian soap; it’s been on the air since 1985! Since it first arrived we’ve seen over 8,000 episodes, so in that time, it’s obviously been hard to keep things fresh at times. 

How have they managed it? Well, it’s all about the storylines, but the best ones have long surfaced all because of great characters. It’s the familiar faces which make Neighbours a pleasure to return to again and again. However, after a while, there need to be new introductions and fond farewells to keep things moving and the audience hooked. 

Soap fanatics will be able to recall so many memorable goodbyes across the likes of Eastenders, Coronation Street and Beyond, but Neighbours has its fair share of golden moments too. Now, fans are coming to terms with the absence of a sure favourite, Mark Brennan. 


Scott McGregor signs off!

Mark is played by Australian actor Scott McGregor, who has been on the show off-and-on since way back in 2010. 

As we’ve watched the character grow and adapt, Scott has undoubtedly carved out an admirable legacy in the soap landscape and will be remembered by Neighbours fans aplenty. 

The actor’s final scenes as Mark have now aired, and in an Instagram post, he shared his thoughts on the decision and departure: “I have so much love for this place. I feel extremely fortunate and very honoured to have worked with not only the amazing actors I can now call life-long friends, but all the incredibly talented departments that make this place what it is. Without them, this show just wouldn’t exist.”

Continuing on, he wrote: “Thanks to all the @neighbours fans out there for watching, and hopefully you enjoyed Mark Brennan and the Brennan family. I feel really proud of what we have put down.

I can’t wait for my next role, and until then, I’ll be spending as much quality time with my beautiful family as I can (with a round of golf or two for good health. Much love, Scotty…”


Why has Mark left Neighbours?

Although de doesn’t explicitly say why he has left the show, there is a detail is his message that sticks out: “I can’t wait for my next role.”

So, it’s possible that the actor has scored a substantial part in a series or film – it’s likely TV – that means he doesn’t have the time for Neighbours. Perhaps he feels that this mysterious new opportunity is the next logical step in his career. He has evolved with the Australian soap, but as many performers have proven, there is always the chance to try something new and see where it takes you. He also mentions spending time with the family, so it’s likely he needs a well-deserved break for a while too.

We see characters come and go, but Neighbours is also very welcoming. As noted by Digital Spy, producer Jason Herbison suggested back in August that Scott’s return could be on the cards later on: “We wish him all the best, and as continually demonstrated with our storytelling, the door is never closed on Ramsay Street.”

Maybe we’ll see Mark Brennan back on screens someday. 


Fans react!

A number of the show’s fans have taken to Twitter to offer their thoughts and kind words to Scott. 

One wrote: “Going to miss the gorgeous PC Mark Brennan. Good Luck Scott with your next adventure.” On the other hand, a surprised viewer wrote: “Wow, who knew I’d get so upset over Mark Brennan’s exit? #Neighbours.”

Well, you’re not the only one! Another added with a picture: “A fantastic actor – Mark Brennan – who left the show earlier today after 7 years. Gonna miss him loads.”

We look forward to seeing what’s on the cards for him next. Currently, no forthcoming project is listed on his IMDb, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds. 

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