If you’re a hardcore NELK fan, you’re likely feeling pretty gutted right now.

Who doesn’t love to kick back with some YouTube every now and then…

Who are we kidding, it’s pretty much daily isn’t it, and why not! The video site is bursting with so much content that it can keep you hypnotised for hours on end, nevermind entertained. 

What’s your poison? Music videos? Animals being weird? “Ghosts” caught on film? Maybe it’s a bit of everything. There are so many popular channels out there doing their thing and making a name, and in recent years more and more kids have announced that they want to become YouTubers when they grow up. Plenty have even declared them rockstars for the new generation. 

If that’s the case, then Canadian pranksters and daredevils NELK are stadium crowdpleasers, selling out arenas playing loud and fast. However, they’ve just lost a bandmember. 

The Instagram post

NELK posted on their official Instagram on Tuesday, October 15th 2019, letting fans know that they have parted ways with Jason – aka 905 Shooter. 

The post read: “Hey guys, Just wanted to give you a little update… After some events that occurred recently, we decided it is in our best interest to part ways with Jason (905 Shooter). He will no longer be a part of NELK, in any future videos or be associated with (sic) the brand in any way following yesterday’s Season 2 finale video.”

It’s a pretty big bombshell to drop for their followers. Concluding their statement, they added: “We wish him all the best in whichever route he decides to take next. Please respect our decision and his privacy during this time.”

The announcement has stirred some serious and intensive speculation online. What happened?


Why has 905 left NELK?

Interestingly, the post boasts the caption: “A message to our fans… NELK Season 3 coming very soon!”

Considering that confirms they’re still going strong and have lots of content on the way to keep us watching, there must be a very serious reason for 905 Shooter to have left the fold. 

The last video they posted was “We flew fans to Ibiza and they went crazy… (HOSPITAL)”, for which 905 was present for. Rumours have sparked, with some speculating that the figure’s departure from the crew has something to do with what happened in Ibiza. However, there is absolutely no reason to think that – it’s all just rumours. 

Inevitably, a number of theories have cropped up since the news broke, but as of yet, neither NELK or 905 have confirmed the reason behind the decision. Fingers crossed either party addresses the situation at a later date, but for now, it’s uncertain. 

Fans on Twitter are divided!

Comments are disabled on the Instagram post (likely to prevent rumours spreading), but obviously, that hasn’t stopped their audience heading elsewhere to vent confusion and frustration over the big news. 

One Twitter user posted: “NELK used to be a prank channel but now all they do is party. 905 filmed the majority of their pranks. After Steve joined they started just partying and not really doing pranks.”

On the contrary, another wrote: “905 Shooter getting dropped from NELK is long overdue,” while another added: “I would like to salute 905 a safe departure from NELK, we missed you bud but you didn’t really fit with the group in my opinion.”

Opinion is pretty divided, but it’s likely people will only have their minds truly made up when the reason for the news has surfaced. You can find him on Twitter over at @905shooter.

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