Nelly was at his nostalgic best during a performance at Omnia Day Club, Bali. Now he’s set to tour the UK with KISSTORY!

“This is for the cats who have been with me since day one – day one yawl!” 

Iconic R&B rapper Nelly started his career with hip-hop group St. Lunatics in the 1990’s although it wasn’t until the turn of the noughties where a solo career catapulted him to stardom.

Country Grammar was not only his first-ever album but his best-selling title, hitting the 10 million sales mark in 2016 and entering the hall of fame as one of few albums to reach Diamond certification. 

As it stands, only 153 albums in history have eclipsed Multi-Platinum and reached the Diamond tier, with Drake’s God’s Plan the latest album added to the list.

It’s no wonder that Nelly started his Omnia performance with Ride wit Me, his best-selling single of the 2000 Country Grammar album and an instant crowd-pleasing anthem.

From there, the performance was an energetic blast through 20 years of music as Nelly proved that he still has all of the charisma and showmanship to sell out crowds at the age of 44.

Why you should go and see Nelly

Nelly isn’t exactly a name you’d catch trending in the news nowadays. Hip-hop and rap is booming, from Drake’s domination of the market to crossover sounds in the UK and the emergence of Grime in popular culture thanks to the likes of Stormzy and Skepta.

While R&B isn’t dead – just look Summer Walker’s Over it – it is in need of a resurgence.

Nelly’s performance epitomised the fun and feel-good vibes often missed in the modern world of hip-hop, where money, cars, sex and more money appear to be the only topics worth rapping about.

Starting with Ride wit Me, Nelly belted all of his sing-along classics with endearing energy, hollering to his team to turn the mic up and even throwing away his in-ear monitor because it wasn’t working properly.

For Nelly fanatics, the UK tour is a given, and for those on the fence, I can only promise that there are a host of Nelly tracks that you will be familiar with bar classics such as Dilemma and Hot in Herre.

Hell, the crowd even went wild for cringe 2013 pop-anthem Little Porsche – albeit ironically – as nostalgia levels were cranked up to 100.

The 44-year-old took breathers in his set to talk about his brother, City Spud, who was also on stage, and even explained the reasoning behind his famous facial band aid.

How to catch Nelly at the KISSTORY Blast Off tour

Nelly is performing in 2020 as part of KISSTORY’s Bast Off event

The event is spread out across Cardiff, Nottingham, Glasgow, London, Birmingham Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. All of the dates are in early March.

The Bast Off full lineup includes; Salt N Pepa, Shaggy, Blu Cantrell, Mya, Fatman Scoop, Lisa Maffia, MC Romeo, MC DT, Oxide & Neutrino, DJ Luck & MC Neat and Sweet Female Attitude.

Tickets are on sale here.