Some fans are unhappy about the amount of real money they have to pay to get Fright or Fright packs in Apex Legends.

Much like Blizzard with Overwatch, EA and Respawn Entertainment are celebrating Halloween with their Apex Legends Fight or Fright event. This occasion provides a bunch of spooky skins you’d expect rather than the real terror that is politicians, but fans are currently displeased with the amount of money they have to pay in order to get these trick-or-treat packs.

Aside from the Fight or Fright event, Apex Legends fans have Bloodhound and Lifeline Editions with exclusive skins to look forward to in a mere couple of days, plus the game is receiving a “real training mode” that will allow you to test out new characters, guns and mods.

However, back to Fight or Fright, below you can discover how to get the event’s packs as well as learn why some people are displeased.

How to get Fight or Fright packs in Apex Legends

The most exciting aspect of Apex Legends’ Fight or Fright occasion is definitely its limited-time Shadowfall mode. But, aside from that, the other charming aspect of the event is its Halloween-themed costumes.

Respawn has provided ten costumes for the 11 playable characters. These include Bloodhound as an unsettling pumpkin with a crow of death perched on his arm, Crypto as an emo vampire with a bit of dirt on his face, and Caustic as a menacing clown far creepier than Pennywise or anything else in Stephen King’s worst nightmares.

In addition to ten costumes, there are also skins for weapons meaning the Fight or Fright event has a total of 24 event-specific cosmetics.

Some of these can be unlocked by completing Shadowfall challenges, but the majority of them will need to be earned through paying. The prices are as follows:

  • Direct purchase for Apex Coins (AC) — Legendary = 1800 AC; Epic = 1000 AC.

  • Direct unlock with Crafting Metals (CM) — Legendary = 2400 CM; Epic = 800 CM.

  • Random unlock with Event Apex Packs — 700 AC.

Unlocking all 24 event-specific cosmetics will reward players with a “free” Lifeline Heirloom set. However, the major issue with this is that directly buying all 24 cosmetics will cost a whopping $168 (via Dexerto).

“Those are some spooky prices”

The Apex Legends community is understandably displeased with the Fight or Fright pricing model for packs.

This has resulted in fans joking on Reddit that the event’s name is appropriate for its scary fees, and that the microtransaction model is so bad no one would be willing to spend any real money.

You can also find a lot of complaints about the fees over on Twitter.

EA and Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends Fight or Fright festivity lasts until November 5th.

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