Good Morning Britain doesn’t get any more bizarre than this.

So, how many of you had to pinch yourselves just to check you were actually awake?

The morning can be seriously hard work, but some coffee and TV can help do the trick and get us ready for the rest of the day. However, if you were tuning in to Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid recently, you may have noticed a man dressed as broccoli engaged in conversation with the pair. 

It’s an odd sight – of that, there is absolutely no doubt. Then again, there must be a pretty interesting reason why he’s dressed in such a fashion. In the name of veganism? For satire? Well, all it really felt like was a missed opportunity, and it’s gotten people pretty angry.  

It goes without saying that one of these detractors was Piers, who didn’t take too kindly to Mr Broccoli’s insight into his cause.

Who is Mr Broccoli?

As noted by Metro, the individual in question – who the Daily Mail says is believed to be named Roland – was dressed as broccoli and arrested during an Animal Rebellion protest on Sunday, October 13th 2019. However, he was eventually released without charge; as you’d expect, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get him on Good Morning Britain.

Surely, someone so passionate about their beliefs must be able to generate some really interesting discussion on a talk show like that. Surely?

Wrong! However, it was entertaining, but ultimately a waste of time. He arrived on the show – in full broccoli attire, of course – and began to explain to Piers and Susanna that he wants to see us all embrace a plant-based food system. While that’s nothing new, this whole spectacle was pretty out there. 

Addressing his arguments and appearance, Susanna said: ‘Your argument, dressed up as broccoli, strikes me as so absurd – you’re wearing a costume but you’re trying to get a serious point across about veganism.”

In reply, Mr Broccoli argued: “I hear what you’re saying and we’re in extremely hot water about this… It’s going to go pear-shaped.” 


Piers loses his cool!

Obviously, Piers isn’t going to see the funny side or any sincerity in what this protester is doing. 

He asks him: “Do you practice what you preach when it comes to the environment, at home? Do you have televisions and electrical devices?” to which Mr Broccoli replied, “No, I’m just a broccoli.”

Both Piers and Susanna appeared irritated and even disappointed that the guest couldn’t talk seriously about what he was selling, bringing in real arguments, evidence or anything to stir a real debate. When he took a banana out of his pocket and began pretending it was a phone, Piers shut it down saying: “The trouble is Mr Broccoli, had you made a very coherent, powerful, science-based argument, you would have had a real impact…”

Continuing, he asserted: “You would have a lot of attention through the way you dressed up for your cause, but to come on here and just be an idiot makes us think you’re just an idiot.”

Audiences on Twitter weigh in

A number of people have offered their thoughts on Twitter, with TV psychologist Jo Hemmings writing: “Watching @piersmorgan @susannareid100 interview Mr Broccoli is possibly one the most absurd things I’ve seen this year. Beyond vegetable puns, he didn’t have a clue. I’m glad I didn’t have to spend time in the Green Room with him.”

One viewer expressed concern saying: “I’ve just watched ‘Mr Broccoli’ on GMB and I’m just absolutely baffled. I actually agreed with Piers when he said that they’ve come on to this huge platform and they’ve just made a mockery of it all. So now anyone who was watching has the completely wrong idea of veganism…”

Similarly, another added: “So this guy protests for days and even gets arrested and then when he gets the chance on TV to explain his cause etc he just makes vegetable puns? And pulls out a banana to “make a call”?! Very serious. Mr broccoli.”

Taking less kindly to his antics, one viewer wrote: “What a total an utter moron, that is #Mrbroccoli on @GMB this morning… grow some brains… @piersmorgan you were far too easy on him…”

Memes have already flooded Twitter, but nevertheless, he’s made so many angry for many reasons. 

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