The Fortnite black hole has rewarded us with a Chapter 2 that includes a brilliant new map, as well as a bunch of memes that are downright hilarious.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has commenced and the title’s second saga so far has received a lot of praise for its new map which includes swimming, boat riding and even fishing. Epic Games’ refreshing update came about after an (in)famous black hole that also resulted in some of the funniest memes you can find on the internet about the popular Battle Royale title.

What was the Fortnite Black Hole?

The Fortnite Black Hole was the supposed end of Prince Harry’s most despised video game of all time. Despite how unthinkable it is now, there were some people who were genuinely concerned (or delighted) that Epic Games’ cash-cow was well and truly over.

Alas, that was never going to be the case as the black hole was instead a simply brilliant marketing ploy to mark a new beginning for Fortnite with Chapter 2.

The reason it was so brilliant was that its random and surprising appearance had everyone talking about Fortnite from Sky News to your 80-year-old grandma. And you don’t need to us to explain how the much talked about black hole was good publicity for an already insanely popular video game.

Elon Musk joked about the black hole being his creation to finally destroy Fortnite, PornHub received massive searches for ‘black hole,‘ and the internet created some of the funniest memes because there was no way anyone was going to use Epic Games’ respite to go outside and kick a ball.

“We like Fortnite, we like Fortnite”

The Fortnite black hole has passed with the game’s god having created a new colourful playground for his populace to once again kill each other over outlandish skins and weapons.

To mark the black hole’s disappearance, we’ve decided to share and admire some of the funniest jokes/reactions we found on Twitter.

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