WWE 2K20 will receive Create a Championship through a patch post-launch and fans are not entirely thrilled.

It’s hard to believe WWE 2K20 is coming out next Tuesday. The roster reveal has been a convoluted headache with people crying over graphics and the lack of Torrie Wilson, the previews have only just started to come out with Gamespot describing it as “great additions with one glaring problem,” and Sasha Banks has wept over her superstar rating as if it really matters. Wrestling fans are understandably jaded with the series, and the latest annoyance to have ticked them off is the announcement that Create a Championship will be patched in post-launch.

One of the biggest issues with WWE 2K20 is that most of its talk has been about Becky Lynch gracing its cover and “women having equal billing” via Showcase Mode. Yet none of this is all that exciting when Universe Mode continues to be ignored with only minor updates, along with the 2K Originals being an unpredictable feature that is mostly paid DLC.

However, away from all of the above, fans are lately unimpressed with the news that Create a Championship will arrive after the game is released.

Create a Championship will be in WWE 2K20

There was some concern last night on Twitter that Create a Championship wouldn’t be in WWE 2K20. This was perceived as devastating news as the ability to create belts has allowed fans in the past to create their own titles to build a Universe Mode that is better than the current WWE product such as NJPW.

These concerned fans were somewhat right to be worried as 2K has announced that the feature will be implemented through a patch post-launch.

2K announced the news on Twitter yesterday and fans aren’t exactly thrilled.

“The game is not ready”

Fans are under the impression that WWE 2K20 is far from ready for its release next week. This is because of their grievances with a bunch of its many supposed cons and the requirement of patches for necessary and basic features.

The WWE 2K series hasn’t been good following 2K14, and at an invested observation from afar 2K20 appears bound to continue treading the fine line between mediocrity and just plain average.

Visual Concepts are clearly trying to take the game in a different direction following the departure of Yukes (which is good), but it seems as if we’ll have to wait even more years for the franchise to reach its potential.

WWE 2K20 launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 22nd.

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