The black hole has gone and Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 has commenced.

Well, the below original story didn’t age all that pretty as the Fortnite Chapter 2 update is now live.

Original Story:

Fortnite season 10 has concluded and gamers are currently unable to play the super popular online Battle Royale title thanks to there being nothing but a black hole to watch. This has resulted in a lot of speculation about its numbers and the arrival of a new playground, and sleuths online are under the impression that season 11 will start this Thursday.

No one knows exactly when Fortnite will be back online following its earth-shattering black hole, but there is reason to believe that the game could become playable again on October 17th.

And, if the likely rumours turn out to be true, the game’s rebirth will bring about a bunch of map changes and more.

When will Fortnite season 11 start?

No one knows exactly when Fortnite season 11 will start or when the game will be back online following its season 10 destroying black hole. With that being said, rumours floating about the internet suggest it could start on October 17th.

A dataminer on Twitter referred to as Lucas7yoshi has apparently uncovered code that suggests Fortnite season 11 will start on Thursday. The dataminer originally predicted that the game would be back online on Tuesday, but that foresight has since changed due to circumstances.

If Fortnite season 11 truly starts on October 17th, then the below times are when players can probably expect to explore its version 2.0 world:

  • 09:00 United Kingdom

  • 04:00 EST

  • 01:00 PST

  • 18:30 ACDT

The above date and times are unofficial, but they do align with a Gamesradar report that suggested Fortnite season 10 would end on October 13th with season 11 commencing on October 17th. Epic Games could still start season 11 today or tomorrow to make this article age about as well as Lindsay Lohan, but for now the best bet is Thursday.

Fans react to Fortnite black hole

The Fortnite community is currently bewildered by the game’s black hole. As you can imagine, this has resulted in a lot of amusing posts as well as a unanimous clamouring to play the game once more.

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