Don’t worry, she still has a wonderful home on Sky News.

That didn’t go down very well at all now did it…

When it comes to consuming the news, we all have certain publications and people in mind that we prefer to keep us informed.

Inevitably, news shows and print tend to adapt every so often, changing things up in order to keep things fresh and interesting. However, often these decisions are met with controversy, particularly when the face of a breakfast show is swapped. The majority are pretty easily irritated in the morning, turning to coffee and the news to wake them up and ease them into the day. 

Plenty looked to Sky News’ Sarah-Jane Mee to do just that, but fans were outraged to see that she wasn’t on the breakfast show recently. What’s going on?

Sarah-Jane Mee and Natalie Pinkham attend the Premiere Screening for the new season of Sky Original “Riviera” at The Saatchi Gallery on May 7, 2019 in London, England.

What has happened to Sarah-Jane Mee?

The Sunrise host has long been a popular favourite of those seeking morning news, but Sky has revised their line-up to bring in Kay Burley as her replacement from 7 – 9 am. 

It’s undoubtedly a huge step for the prestigious morning slot; nevertheless, if you’re missing Sarah-Jane Mee then you can still catch her on the Sarah-Jane Mee Show from 2 – 5 pm. So, don’t worry, she hasn’t gone anywhere! They’ve simply given her a show at a later time. 

It’s still a big deal for fans though as Sarah-Jane has helmed the Sunrise slot for years now and has done such a terrific job. As always, people are resistant to change when it comes to their favourite shows – this is certainly no different.


Defending Kay Burley

The decision to bring in Kay Burley and give her a shot has been met with a bombardment of criticism across social media. 

It can’t be that bad though, right? Wrong. In fact, Sarah-Jane took it upon herself on Monday, October 14th 2019 to address what is being said about her colleague. In a passionate tweet (see below), she wrote: “Just so we’re clear do not praise me & attack my colleague @KayBurley in the same tweet. I’ve said nothing for the last 2 weeks but it is outrageous. Disagree with journalists yes but launch personal nasty attacks NO. Pitting women against each other only makes us stronger @skynews.”

It’s great to see that she’s swept in to offer her thoughts on the escalating online stir, but of course, there have been a number of replies offering their take on the switch…


Trouble stirs on Twitter!

Her aforementioned tweet prompted a discussion in the comments section which has become host to a variety of opinions. 

One Twitter user responded: “I’ve watched Sky breakfast for years, but this was the last straw. Burley’s got no personality, even the banter with Niall made it passable. That’s gone too. Desperately poor show.”

Another added: “My beef is not with you or Kay, but with Sky News for abandoning the Sunrise Breakfast Show. I’m in the States so I’ll never see your show because of the time of day. I’ll watch Niall occasionally. I only had to watch Kay once on Monday to decide against her show.”

In a slightly more positive tweet, one wrote “Well said Sarah Jane…..but I did miss you, @skynewsniall & your entire Sunrise gang this morning. The way you all banter. I must confess that I changed to another network after a while…”

We’ll just have to see how it progresses. 

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