The long-running webcomic Erfworld has been discontinued.

Despite most traffic on the internet flocking to the likes of Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and Amazon, there is still plenty of room for niche communities to grow and thrive. 

One such online community grew from the long-running webcomic series Erfworld which first began posting adorable comic strips online way back in 2006.

However, after a staggering 13 years, the webcomic and the website hosting Erfworld have now been discontinued leaving fans of the decade-old series almost in mourning.

But just why has Erfworld been discontinued? 

What is Erfworld?

Erfworld is a long-running webcomic series that spawned back in 2006, just as the internet as we know it today was being born. 

The comedic fantasy series was created by Rob Balder who left his career in IT to take up this new passion.

Over the course of Erfworld’s 13-year history, five online comic books were created alongside a prequel story, with several releasing in physical form over the years as well.

The story of Erfworld sees tabletop role-playing games transformed into a sprawling story that is filled with heart, character and plenty of genre-appropriate puns.

What happened to Erfworld?

On October 11th, 2019, fans visiting the Erfworld site, expecting to find the latest update in the webcomic, were met with the startling message that Erfworld will be discontinued. 

After 13 years of updates and fresh stories, the long-running webcomic will be no more.

While the webcomic will no longer be added to, the previous stories still remain archived here if you want to go back and revisit them.

Why has it been stopped?

In the official update from creator Rob Balder and wife Linda, it is said that Erfworld has been discontinued due to ‘horrific and unbearable events’ in their personal lives.

Exactly what these events are is unconfirmed by the pair on the Erfworld site.

However, according to Dignity Memorial, Linda Balder’s son, film and TV actor Andrew Thorin “Thor” Macht suddenly passed away on October 1st, 2019.